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I know y’all probably miss my blogging about the paranormal and I’ve been taking note so there will be blogs to come…soon.  I hope they don’t think they are out of the woods LOL 😉

My website will be updated as it is released and provide information on availability so don’t forget to follow.  I will also have signed copies available on my website only (unless you can get to a signing).

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Everything here will be moved to my new web site.  In the mean time this web page will become inactive while things get moved.  Thank You so much for reading my work and being involved the paranormal process.  I hope you all continue to be involved and help those who need true assistance from those who know and understand.

C’Ya on the flip side 🙂  Love you all.



Sometimes Demons Give You Lemons!!

I’ve had people always ask, How do you deal with all the demons?

Ok, well to be honest a real demon probably could kick my ass but…..If I’m paying attention I’d know he/she/it was either coming or there.

The funny thing about Ghost Hunting is, you have to have some sort of knowledge of real paranormal activity, and I’m not talking about the movies.  I’m talking about it’s history, and yes there is a long history of Spirit talkers, spirit callers, demons, etc….long before the bible made them a hot item.

The bible created God and Satan before that there was only those  Gods that made the day and or night, those gods who helped make children, find love, grow crops, made it rain to fill the rivers.  You prayed to the god for which you wanted something from.

Now, I’m not saying the Ancient worshippers didn’t know there where bad gods.  God who would do your bidding (we call them demons).  If you wanted a lover and another had him, you’d make an offering.  Maybe the “God” liked what you offered and make it happen, that was the belief.  such an easy belief system.

Then came the Romans, who by the way had their moment in the sun of many gods as well.  But to gain control of the masses of many counties they had to come up with a plan and that plan was what Akhenaten had tried, to unify the masses under one God, The Sun God Ra.  For him it didn’t work so well.  Maybe because he didn’t have the catch, your soul will burn in everlasting hell. Of course the occasional fire pit, public hanging, public chopping off of heads. All made public to instill fear.

Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t fear criminals, murderers etc….but they aren’t demons.

Demons are dark entities who have been around for a very long time and a true demon can kill you.  They kill you by wearing you down, taking your energy.  They can make you see, hear, experience things and make you feel like it was all a dream.  Can they make you do things, probably given the right circumstances and the right amount of persuasion on your part.

I’ve had a demon offer me things, hell I always joke that I have a condo in hell but I’ve earned the A/C and lava pit view. LOL  Ok, to some that may not be so funny but until you face down a true demon don’t get your panties in such a bunch.  I know he follows me around, waiting for the opportunity.  My job is to never give him that opportunity and the day I die to smirk at him and pass away.  Never giving him the satisfaction of my energy.

I’ve learned through my travels and study to fend them off.  Not that I don’t listen to what they have to say, because like I’ve said before, every spirit has a story.  When a demon makes itself known how do you tell if it’s a true demon?

Ask it a very simple question, What will you give me?

If you either get now answer or you get the answer, what do you want.  It’s not a true demon.  Why, because the true demon will already know what you want and lay that at your feet, for a price. The price will not be to kill another person or animal.  The price will always be YOU!!

The ultimate goal of the demon is to amass energy.  You are energy and the purer the energy the better.  Children are usually their choice.  Mainly because children can see them, and they have not been corrupted by the world at large yet.

I can tell you, I used to think that going to church all the time, reading the bible all that would make it go away.  All the demon did was laugh because demons are far more primal then the bible, then the church and that makes them more powerful.

Some might ask, what about an exorcism.  Well, there are only a few that can perform a real exorcism and an exorcism has  lot to do with your belief system.  Think about it, the exorcism is purely based in christen/catholic religion something that hasn’t been around that long in the grand scheme of things.  Demons have been around a whole hell of a lot longer.  In order to deal with true demons you MUST go farther back.  You have to deal with the entity on a primal level and be willing to get dirty.

But, true demons, and I have to say this again, are very few and far between.  They usually like to go after those who are sensitive and can speak to spirits, why, because the spirit energy is drawn to the sensitive.  The demon would have all the juice it needs, you need to figure out how to dispel the juice before the demon can drink it.  I say make lemonade.

Dr. Salima Ikram Interview

Sometimes I do interviews with people who aren’t in the Paranormal field.  Here is one of those with Egyptologist Dr. Salima Ikram.  Interesting stuff, Hope some enjoy it.

Dr. Salima Ikram is a leading expert on animal mummies and as founder and co-director of the animal Mummy project at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo she combines an understanding of the past with a passion for preserving the future and has brought the little known world of animal mummies to light.

Dr. Ikram is also a professor of Egyptology at The American University in Cairo, a grantee of the National Geographic Society’s Committee for Research and Exploration as well as an international guest speaker.

A specialist in zooarchaeology, mummification, daily life in ancient Egypt, tomb decoration and ancient foods Dr. Ikram has been involved in various research projects throughout Egypt such as, The Theban Mapping Project along with a variety of books, being a consultant Egyptologist at Giza, Saqqara, Abu Sir, Valley of the Kings and her latest project, being Co-Director of the North Kharga Oasis Survey.

Saqqara : What new things are you working on in Egypt?

Salima Ikram: I have been working in Kharga Oasis and we have found evidence for human occupation dating to C. 20,000 BC if not earlier. We have campsites, places where tools were made, jewellery (ostrich egg beads in particular) production centers, and rock art. We also have evidence for activity in the remote areas of the Western Desert during the pharaonic period in the form of inscriptions and camp sites. Obviously there was more trade and exploration from the Southwestern sides of the country than one might have expected.

Also, in the Valley of the Kings I work with Otto Schaden at KV63, a ‘tomb’ that is really an embalming cache, and also with Donald Ryan on a group of tombs dating to the 18th dynasty. One of these tombs might have been the final resting place of Hatshepsut.

In Theban Tomb 11, under the direction of Jose Galan, I have been working on ibis mummies as well as those belonging to humans, and the team has found a new burial that dates to about 1950 BC.

SA: What new finds have been made at Giza, Saqqara, Abu Sir or the Valley of the Kings?

SI: See above. Also, Zahi Hawass and his team might have found a new tomb in the Valley of the Kings, although that is still to be determined.

At Saqqara, Guenter Dreyer is working on the tomb of Ninetjer, a king of the 2nd dynasty

there is much more, but you can get that from KMT’S Nile Currents

SA: What is the Animal Mummy Project, and what is its purpose?

SI: The Animal Mummy Project (AMP)’s goals were to scientifically study the animal mummies in The Egyptian Museum, Cairo.

We hope to study the mummies in order to find out about:


The clear identification of different mummified animals will also help answer some questions about ancient Egyptian religious beliefs. No one is sure whether the god Anubis’ (god of mummification) votive animal is a jackal, a dog, a wolf, or a fox. By X-raying his votive mummies, it will be possible to determine which animal the ancient Egyptians most closely identified with him. This would be relevant for other votive animals as well. The study will also allow for the identification of the ancient Egyptian names for animals with specific zoological species, thereby clearing up several linguistic and zoological queries


Additionally, the study will answer questions as to how the different animals were killed (if they were killed) before being mummified. At the British Museum, X-rays have revealed that some cats were killed by strangulation, and then prepared as mummies to be offered; at the Bubasteion at Saqqara some were strangled while others were killed by blows to the head. A complete study of the animal mummies in the Cairo Museum will reveal if these techniques were used for all small mammals and birds, or if a variety of techniques was used. It would be especially interesting to determine how the larger animals, such as crocodiles, were killed prior to mummification


From this study one will be able to determine the degree of domestication, or indeed its presence or absence, for some animals, such as. the sacred rams from Elephantine or canid mummies.


Some animals that were mummified by the Egyptians are extinct in Egypt today. By studying these extinct animals we can tell what the environment of Egypt used to be like. We can also tell if animals were being traded from other countries into Egypt.

SA: In your book Divine Creatures, you discuss 4 different types of animal mummies: food and votive offerings, pets, and sacred animals. What is the difference and significance of each of these types?

SI: The most obvious type of animal mummy is that of beloved pets. From the Old Kingdom onward (2900-2100 BC) Egyptians are pictured in their tombs with their pets, thus ensuring their continued existence in the Afterlife. Occasionally the pets would have their names carved above them, providing further insurance of their continued existence. Some pet-lovers went so far as to bury their pets with them. A man called Hapy-min was buried with his pet dog curled up at his feet, very much like the medieval tomb carvings of Europe which featured the knight, his lady, and their respective hounds. (Djhutmose; Hapy min, Intef as illustrations).

A very curious type of mummy is the victual mummy. Victual mummies are joints of meat or entire birds that were wrapped up and presented as offerings to the deceased. These are most common in the New Kingdom. These joints or fowls were prepared for eating, being skinned, plucked and cut into managable joints.

Cult A special single animal that is chosen to represent the physical presence of a god; the Egyptians believed that the spirit of the god entered into the animal during its lifetime and after its death moved into the body of a similarly marked creature–a bit like what happens with the Dalai and other Lamas.

Votive: votive offerings of mummified animals, each one given to its particular deity (e.g. ibises to Thoth, cats to Bastet, etc) that are the equivalent of a candle burnt as a prayer in church, but more long lasting as these offering are eternal and help the devotee in life as well as in death.

SA: What was a daily meal in ancient Egypt like? Three meals a day or was there, like in modern Europe the main meal at lunchtime with snacks.

SI: The Egyptians definitely had 3 meals at least, with the main meal probably in the late afternoon for the wealthy, and earlier in the day for peasants. The breakfasts were more like our 11ses, with a late and large lunch, and a smaller dinner, for those who worked.

SA: Some people are against any sort of digging at archaeological sites, why is digging necessary and what does digging tell us about the past?

SI: Digging helps clarify what we know about the past. It is not always necessary, particularly with new ways of surveying, such as resistivity and magnetometry, but it helps prove or disprove hypotheses

SA: What was the number one finding in the Theban Mapping Project?

SI: Realising the size and architectural complexity of KV5

SA: What would the general public be surprised to know about death in ancient Egypt?

SI: Perhaps the details of mummification

SA: In the popular movie The Mummy, there is a scene where the evil priest Imhotep, who is in the process of coming back to life and making himself immortal, is faced with a live cat. He is deathly scared of this cat and runs from it. Is this scene just Hollywood, or is there some basis to truth that cats would have been both revered and feared in that manner in ancient Egypt, even by the gods?

SI: The Gods fear nothing. This is more a Hollywood moment, in fact

SA: One of your areas of expertise is animal mummies. In the season three Digging for the Truth episode about mummies, you and Josh explore a cache of animal mummies found buried in a royal tomb that contained animals of all description, even a bull. What was the significance of certain animals to the ancient Egyptians; i.e. were birds or cats or bulls particularly sacred as compared to other animals, or was any animal considered sacred or special?

SI: Each animal was associated with a specific deity. Not all animals were sacred–horses came into Egypt C. 1650 BC and thus do not form a part of the pantheon.

Canids (and hyenae) were associated with Anubis, cats with Bastet and Sekhmet, raptors with forms of Re and Horus, crocodiles with Sobek.

SA: Was this cache of mummies discussed in the show collected over time, such as a repository for favorite pets or sacred animals, or were most or all of those mummies prepared for one burial? Was it as long and careful a process to mummify an animal, as it was a human?

SI: Animal mummification took a different amount of time, practically, than a human, but for spiritual reasons 70 days was often the norm.

The burials were collected over time.

SA: What type of spells were cast on the mummies of ancient Egypt?

SI: Several prayers were read from funerary texts, including The Book of the Dead, to ensure that the deceased had a safe transit to the hereafter

SA: What are some of the difficulties in interpreting mummified remains of animals?

SI: Quality of preservation, whether or not one can unwrap or whether Xrays/CT scans are clear

SA: What kind of news is coming out of your Kharga Oasis Survey? And why is it so important to sift through the sands there?

SI: No one has really examined the areas that we are exploring and thus they a blank spot on the map of Ancient Egypt. We are filling in–or trying to–10,000 plus years of human history. Our discoveries are changing what we know about the ancient Egyptians’ exploration of the deserts and the Hinterlands as well as their trade and diplomatic relations with Sudan, Chad, and Libya

SA: What was it like working on ‘Digging For The Truth’ with Josh?

SI: Lots of fun. Josh is a sweetie and put a lot of thought into the show

SA: Are there any new finds at the step pyramid?

SI: They are working to consolidate it as the interior has been weakened by earthquakes over the millenia. Hopefully this work will mean that the pyramid is safe and can be visited inside

SA: Have you been able to explore in the tomb that was closed off due to instability?

SI: Only parts

SA: Are there any plans to stabilize that tomb so exploration can continue?

SI: See above

SA: The step pyramid, Saqqara, is credited as the first pyramid. Prior to that, people were buried in mastabas, mounds of mud and bricks.

SI: That were enclosed in walls giving them the shape of a trapezoidal house

SA: Was this something for everyone; i.e. royals and commoners alike?

SI: Yes, but only royals and elites

SA: Are there any mastabas left?

SI: Several

SA: Were mastabas placed randomly, or in specific places?

SI: Generally clustered around the Pharaoh, or at particular places at a certain distance from the king

SA: How did the process of mummification begin, and when did Egyptians start using it?

SI: Probably the Egyptians saw naturally preserved bodies and tried to improve on this. Early wrapping started as early as 3200 BC. Proper mummification with evisceration started about 2500 BC

SA: If time travel were ever invented but you could only go back to witness one event in Egyptian history, what would you choose to see and why?

SI: I would like to see the construction of the Bent Pyramid as I want to know exactly why its angle was changed, and also this is one of the earliest ‘true’ pyramids. Furthermore, I have always wanted to know if Snefru was as good a king as is recorded, and to see the environment of Egypt at that time

Molach & Other Primordial Demons made into Gods.

I think it is hilarious when I flip through some of these paranormal shows.  It is usually glaring that the producers only wanted ratings and the writers took the first link from google for their research, would it hurt them to crack an actual book, go to the library or talk to actual, real practitioners of the dark arts.  Oh yeah that’s right, they are terrified to not only confront real dark entities but also usually to even be seen with a real Satanist or dark arts practitioner.

I turned on Paranormal Witness on Destination America this morning and the story of a guy who believed his house was haunted by Molach (also Melek).  Understanding the names of those who should not be spoken is a huge help to those in the paranormal IF they take the time to learn.

Molach falls into the ancient primordial demon category because Moloch is called upon to do a dark arts practitioners bidding.  I’ve said it before, this is an area one should NEVER mearly dabble in because karma is a bitch and the primordial demons will get what they where called for, even if it’s you (the caller).

There are nine ancient primordial demons (no I will not name them).  One should never call them unless you are an extremely well versed practitioner.  Some VooDoo priests and priestess can call them but mostly they are called by those versed in the ancient art of HooDoo.

This is were the internet will not help your search or explain what will happen to you when you call.

The first issue I have is that Molach is not in the bible, bible. He does however appear in Pagan writings but is described a god.  Well, I guess if you call something and it seems to do what you ask then back in the day it was a god.

1722_moloch2(an early rendering of Molach-The pagan god)

The primordial demons are those that if you call them you damn well better put them back and if you don’t know how to put them back maybe you better not be messing in the stuff you have no clue about……right.

Like I’ve said before, I’ve seen/heard kids seeing these shows, searching the internet and trying this stuff because “Oh it’ll be cool”.  It always ends badly, you will never get rid of the entity, it will always be over you, waiting for it’s next order and you never really even have to voice it.  Or these things end up like the whole Slenderman thing.

For all the kids out there Slenderman is NOT real, he never has been.  A writer made him up to sell a story online. Stop trying to call him.  You will never get want you want without a price and that price is YOU!!

It’s all fun to watch these shows but do yourself a huge favor and READ A BOOK, a real book. Go to the library, go to a bookstore that specializes in old books.  Talk to the real pagans, witches, satanists.  Never take the internet or tv as gospel.

The Hierarchy of Hell: Who’s Who in Lucifer’s Underworld – article by Daz Lawrence

And always remember, most of what you hear on these shows is based from religious text (the bible) so they are screwed to represent things that the church put out.

Ghost Adventures-Stardust Ranch


Well after being sick for a week I finally got to watch the Stardust Ranch episode of Ghost Adventures.  I’ve been out in the area of Stardust Ranch many times,  again, growing up in California and visiting family in Arizona all the time.  My cousins, brothers, friends and I were always looking for UFOs (saw one once).  We’ve been kicked off military property, almost arrested, oh it was interesting growing up being interested in the paranormal but also growing up in the Philippines witnessing what I did.

As a Psychologist who helps those affected by not only spirits but also the possible alien visitation/abduction phenomena I find places like Stardust Ranch…..interesting.  Because in all the years of talking to experiencers I have never heard anyone mention that spirits and aliens are either the same thing or involved with each other and certainly have never heard anyone call the “greys” demons.

This episode was strange to say the least. If you ever have the chance to drive out near Stardust Ranch you will see how empty and barren a place it is. Most of the land on one side belongs to the nuclear power plant and good luck if you cross into their property, it’ll be like the military swooping in at area 51.



I have an issue with the dead horse.  I saw my first cattle mutilation at the ripe age of 19 as I was taking a coroner’s class course and we got a call out to a ranch in Santa Ysabel near Julian in San Diego County.  The NINE cattle we picked up (after being out for days) never leathered (like the horse), had no blood, no smell, No flies or insects of any kind, just a missing tongue, eyes and genitals. One even had it’s hind quarters missing but the legs remained. Even after sitting in the county vet for over a month still nothing.  We were informed to never say anything about these mutilations to any news crew who may ask.  That was my real foray into mutilations.  At the time I thought, someone has a pretty powerful handheld laser which could cut and cauterize really well and I remember the vet saying, “Not funny, a laser like that would have to be mounted in a truck”.  It was 1986 so handheld lasers were still a long way off.

I also had an issue with the whole lighting bolt story and the cleansing.  First off a cleansing will never help get rid of Aliens, please and three lighting bolts to the head…..well medically do I need to point out.   Secondly, abductees should be very careful of those who are only interested in their story for TV or a book.  Chances are the abductee will come out of it badly.


Travis Walton….I love that he is now talking about his experiences but to me, if Zak is going to go all Alien he needs to do it in a separate show from Ghost Adventures.  Travis’ story deserves a whole episode, like many others.

As someone who has heard so many abduction stories Travis’ story really holds to time.  He doesn’t talk of going through stargates or portals (even if aliens do use vortexes they aren’t of the spirit kind).  His story is scary if you listen to it.

I always ask those I talk to, what scares you more.  Someone you know or someone you don’t?


There is good reason for the question which points to your memories of the event.  I am a firm believer that the greys abductees talk about are not ghosts, but rather a screen memory.  Something placed in the mind that would scare the person. Just as I do not believe in nine foot lizards fitting into a 6 foot human (sounds more like Men in Black).  In the field of Alien experiencers one must tread very lightly as to not add to or put ideas into the abductees mind and the investigator MUST pay close attention to the story, picking out any/all movie/tv show references but also listening for parallels to other abductee stories.  As for the happenings at Stardust Ranch…..I have never actually investigated the place and of course can not tell what the actual story is from a heavily edited TV show but to me, if you watch there are many animal cages around the house and at one point I counted four stacked against a wall in the room the sofa was in as well as one directly behind the sofa where the image of the dark mist came from.

I’m going to err on the side of a cat hightailing it from the area, a big fluffy cat.  Now, I don’t know if the owner has cats but the fact I wasn’t there, did not witness it nor did any of the GA crew try to debunk it as a cat does lead one to think, cat.   They also had at least one large bird, so any hissing or other noises would have to be debunked as not being the bird or any other animal.

***I have to point this out by saying when the crew walked into the house and saw all the cages they should have made note on the show that they either cleared the area of all the animals OR debunked on camera that the sounds did not come from the animals.  Not doing so kind of leads one to think the sounds could have and the crew knew it***


Dave Shrader, can we see more of Dave….Love him.  He made me wish Aliens would come down and say Hi to him.  Old saying tho, if you want something too much you’ll probably never get it.  My grandmother wanted to see a UFO so bad, never got to.  Yet, My brothers and I saw several in various locations over the years.

I did not however enjoy the sound at the end.  It made my head feel like it was in a vice until Jay turned it up.  Not sure exactly what that machine was suppose to do but nice try.

I think there is more Alien type things going on at Stardust Ranch, Az (do not confuse it with the Brothel in Vegas) than spirits or demons.

I think if anyone wanting to explore the Alien side of the paranormal does a show it needs to be done with tact, sincerity, a true desire to get to the truth because I can tell you (as someone who has seen the real men in black and the black helicopters) there are those out there that will tear you apart as much as there are those out there who will go after you on every level they can and usually both are not on the same side.  I’ve heard of those who become big in the field being mysteriously killed or dying.  It is not a light field nor should the subject be taken lightly because if this is happening to people what has been done to their minds to keep it quite.

True abductees usually keep to themselves and rarely even share the experience(s) with family so a tv show about it would be for drama as well as the stories might be questionable.

Amy Bruni & Adam Berry are back on TV

So, Amy Bruni and Adam Berry of Ghost Hunters fame are back on TV and on Destination America (the channel with the most Paranormal programming) with a new show, “Kindred Spirits”.

Both will be appearing along with Nick Groff (for Paranormal Lockdown) and a few other of Destination America Ghost Crew, Katrina, John Zaffis at Comic-Con in San Diego to unveil more. So if you’re going make sure to look them up, Friday, July 22 from 7-8pm in Room 7AB in a Supernatural Super Panel that will unite ghost hunting’s elite investigators for one night only.


For those going and those who would like a one day pass (given there are still some left)

Your Supernatural Panel:  Supernatural Super Panel (7-8 p.m., Room 7AB, Destination America)

Join Adam Berry and Amy Bruni from Destination America’s new series “Kindred Spirits,” as they unveil more details about the show, and “Paranormal Lockdown’s Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman and “Haunted Collector’s” John Zaffis as they spill on their respective shows.


Your Shuttle Info:

According to Destination America, Kindred Spirits will premiere in 2016 exclusively on Destination America following the fearless duo as they help real families tormented by paranormal activity at home, with the added stress that the spirits may be their own late family members. Scared by the mysterious happenings but hesitant to pick up and leave their homes, these families have turned to two of America’s leading paranormal investigators to capture evidence, try to guide the wayward spirits into the light, and bring closure to each home.

KINDRED SPIRITS takes paranormal investigation back to its roots with a simple mission of making contact with the other side but, first and foremost, helping people who are terrified and don’t know where else to turn,” said Jane Latman, general manager of Destination America.

KINDRED SPIRITS takes paranormal investigation back to its roots with a simple mission of making contact with the other side but, first and foremost, helping people who are terrified and don’t know where else to turn,” said Jane Latman, general manager of Destination America.


(wt) means working title so the title of the show may actually change before airing so keep an eye out, Although, I’m sure Amy and Adam will let us know.




The dangers of those who don’t know

This small article shows the real dangers of those experiencing the paranormal listening to those who really have no clue what they are talking about, have no medical/psychology experience or even understand cultures, history or mental illness.  These people should have been counseled to find someone who could help not take it into their own hands. I have heard there are those who think that just because you do not lay hands on the victim you are not culpable.  Sorry to break it to you but you are.

Those on TV as well as producers should be aware, some do not look at these shows as entertainment, they are looking for help and think you are showing/telling them what to do.

Ghosts of Shepherdstown-Episode 1




Ok, so I watched episode one of Nick Groff’s new show Ghosts of Shepherdstown and I’m gonna tell you… was a gut punch.  100%

By the end of this episode I had one hell of a headache on the top of my head, I was nauseated, felt sick AND got punched in the gut.

I know some are going to say, that can’t happen from watching TV and I will tell you YES it can.  When a person is an Empath or Sensitive or a medium we can pick up things from watching it on TV.  TV and production are done using electricity and electricity transmits energy and what are spirits…….energy.  Some can be picked up through electrical devices. I can also feel EMFs, since I got electrocuted by 220 volts while living in Europe.  I feel the EMF in my finger tips, spirits I feel in the top of my head, the hairs on my body, etc..

Now, I need to say for a town as old as Shepherdstown I would have first gone to the center of town and cast my Witch Stones.  (below is my actual cast right after the show and done on Periscope)


Let me go over why these stones came up.  These are Divination stones used by witches usually to tell the future BUT they can also be used to allow spirits to give direction to those of us who know/understand and can contact.

First we will take the Chalice, which landed in the “Point” area.  The Chalice stone is a Rose Quartz and is normally used as a calming stone.  In this instance it is giving the direction of, Love and partnerships.  Landing in the Point means that, there needs to be some hard work because at present it is out of reach. So, I would say someone needs to find out what the spirits wants/needs.

The other four stones landed at the “Centre” of the board.  The first is the Cauldron.  It is an Adventurine stone.  The Cauldron to witches represent “re-birth”, regeneration, knowledge while the Adventurine signifies Intuition.

this stone landing in the Centre position tells that the situation will improve. I believe this is why things basically hit the fan when Nick and crew started poking around.

Stone 2 in the Centre is the Tiger’s Eye and has nothing inscribed on it.  Why you ask, Because this stone represents, in this instance Secrecy. The Tiger’s Eye itself represents The Unknowable.  Secrets, someone has a secret or lots of secrets.  My guess would be that the main spirits that should be investigated in that town is a witch AND the person who had her murdered.  The stones do not lie and the way they were cast do not either, you’ll understand.

Stone 3 in the Centre is the Pentagram.  This stone is a Brazilian Agate and signifies the achievements of desires (see where it’s going yet).  The Pentagram represents the four elements plus the spirits (witch).  It landing in the Centre signifies, the outcome will be favorable.  Perhaps meaning that someone will step up and assist her.

Stone 4 is the Athame (knife).  This stone is Red Jasper and signifies Success and Severence.  It landing in the Centre signifies, Now is the time for action.

I say the spirit that is causing most of the problems in the town is a Witch from long ago who was in a secret relationship(possibly a mistress) and when found out the other person in the relationship had her murdered by telling she was a witch.  I will go out on a limb and say she was drowned not burned because I was feeling like little drops of water on my feet during the show and she could be the body from the reported sightings in the river…………the stones never lie.