Bigfoot, Yowie, Abominable Snowman, Mapinguari, Sasquach, Yeti, Kapre, Batutut.  Bigfoot is known around the world and has been the stuff of legend and as a society Big Foot is still the most endearing of all myth and folklore mainly because we still haven’t captured one nor have we found any bones to prove that a large, bi-pedal ape like/humanoid walks the earth, living, or maybe hiding from the society that “hunts” it.

There are stories going back decades if not centuries of the Bigfoot creature being seen in the
Remote wilderness regions of the United States {Asian varieties of Bigfoot are the things of myth as well}.  The indigenous peoples of the pacific northwest often told stories of “Wildman” who lived in the wilderness,  Australia has the Yowie, who has been reported to attack people.  Although most scientists today tend to discount Bigfoot as a hoax {there have been plenty of those} or misidentification, like when the crew of Fact or Faked had a member dress in a Ghillie Suit and low and behold Bigfoot so in reality some reports could very well be misidentification of hunters roaming the woods of the south.

But what about shows like Finding Bigfoot, where a team of, for lack of a better word, investigators amble about in the dark beating sticks and howling in the woods.  The BFRO: The Bigfoot Field Research Organization, founded in 1995 by Matt Moneymaker, believes Bigfoot exists and are the very “investigators” out beating the bushes {or trees} trying to get a call back.   Their website has a comprehensive database of sightings and upcoming expeditions that you can join in on {of course} .   You can report your own Bigfoot sighting and watch video of encounters across the US and becoming a member is invite only.

Bigfoot {should you ever encounter one} is described as a tall{6-9 foot} ape/human like figure with brown, reddish or black hair, although some have reported seeing ones with white hair.  There were reports in the 70’s in the Philippines by American service men of a white ape/human like creature who would stalk the bases and  would get run off nightly by base security, many would not talk about the Kapre.  It could have very well just been a white ape.  In the southern most towns/villages the Kapre is known as “The Tree Demon” who dwells in the trees, has red eyes and apparently smokes, who knew…

There have been foot castings galore, Josh Gates of Destination Truth even got one {and lots of attention} when his crew went hunting in Nepal-there Bigfoot is known as Yeti. The casters claiming the footprint to be that of Bigfoot. Some footprints have been ruled to be fakes but there are those that still leave you wondering, could there really be something THAT big roaming around out there.

I’ll admit I do find the theory of there being a Bigfoot exciting, finally finding out that all our ancestors didn’t die out and that we ended up the hybrid that won out, but then again I kind of hope Bigfoot is never found.  It would be a sad sad day in humanity when a dead, strung up Bigfoot is paraded from the woods by some half assed “hunters” who did it to get their fifteen minutes, patting each other on the back and we all know where it’ll go from there.

But, no Bigfoot has been found and to the chagrin of many “researchers” neither have any bones, droppings or real hair. {maybe thankfully}.  If Bigfoot is as smart as many say, maybe they bury their dead, bury their droppings and clean up after themselves, then again maybe they are just people who have been shunned by the very society who now hunts them, people who are afflicted with Hypertrichosis. After all I can holler and beat on trees, why couldn’t they.

Maybe finding Bigfoot will take having to go back  at researching from an anthropological standpoint.  Find where the largest number of sightings are {after tracking them for a year}, take a back hoe, shovels, picks, sifting screens etc…..and start digging, you’re bound to find something.  If not Bigfoot maybe to your wonderment something else or…..just maybe you find what you’ve been looking for.  Everyone out there is looking for a real Bigfoot but I have yet to see any real Bigfoot research.  Like I said, mainly just a lot of people camping out having bonfires and beating the bushes and howling hoping Bigfoot steps up, If I were Bigfoot I’d hide too.  There is always someone out there trying to kill the myth and take away the folklore.