When it comes to the world of the paranormal what exactly is reality?

It´s always said buyer beware and that goes for the modern “reality” TV, Watcher beware.

This article will probably piss off a lot of people but maybe it will make some think. The possibility that the super popular paranormal tv shows could be faked, Or at least……enhanced to boost ratings and keep the viewer enthralled.

It was interesting to turn on the tv one night and find a “reality” show about ghosts,
Ghost hunting and spirits. Something that was usually just whispered about and most thinking
of anyone willing to admit the belief in ghosts were nuts.

Today there are no less than ten Ghost themed shows airing across several cable tv stations, SyFy being the largest conisussuer of paranormal programming with Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters International, Fact or Faked, Destination Truth, and some new paranormal shows coming in 2013 like Josh Gates fan anticipated Stranded, where a group of people are dumped in a haunted location and presumably have to investigate their way out, interesting premise but….I´ll withhold thoughts since there was a show years ago on Discovery Channel that did the exact thing, how is this going to be different?

Since the premiere of Ghost Hunters the amount of Ghost Hunting groups has nearly tripled in each city. The amount of Hunted locations has at least tripled and when a location appears on one of these paranormal shows their ability to rent the location out to make big bucks off those fans who want to capture activity and meet someone from the show{s} doubles.

Now, sit back and take a deep breath and for a moment think about the movie, Paranormal Activity. Yeah, now get mad because the serious fact is, just how many of these locations have actual real Paranormal activity?

Being a fan of shows like Ghost Hunters doesn´t mean you must believe everything that pops up or is “caught”. Think of the producer of these “reality” shows as sci-fi movie directors. Someone who for all intense and purpose want to, nay must keep the ratings up to remain afloat in the ever changing land of television and ghosts are hot right now.

I´m not in anyway saying there are no haunted locations, that people don´t have hauntings, That there aren´t real people out there investigating to help people. I myself have been involved in the odd paranormal research over the years. Something most of these new, heavily tattooed and pierced Hollywood ghost hunters won´t tell you, a real hardcore haunting is hard to come by.
Those stories you hear about someone being attacked by a spirit, seeing a black mass, being pushed, bit, scratched etc…..are far more random then tv would like you to believe.

I guess it´s good that it´s mainstream and maybe someone who charges twelve-
thousand dollars to appear at a convention knows a little about getting ideas into the mainstream, but then again, it could also call into question the supposed valid paranormal activity. I had a shaman once tell me, anyone who charges any fee to call on the spirits is a fake.

In this age of we want it now and anything goes reality tv, maybe there is good reason to question what you see and go back to the old adage, if you don´t see it with your own eyes or hear it with your own ears it didn´t happen, by that I´m not saying these shows aren´t entertaining but when people start taking a tv show as gospel something is wrong and they don´t call it scripted reality for nothing.