If you ask someone if they want to see a UFO, the answer from most would probably be, “Hell Yeah!! so, it’s a loaded question. The better question to ask might be what would you do if you saw one. I’ve been involved with UFO phenomena since I was twelve. I’ve been chased by a black helicopter down a freeway in California in the middle of the night. I’ve been escorted from “military” property, and I have always stood my ground. I know what I saw/felt/was told. I rarely discuss UFOs with people outside the “community”, a community, with many, many, many levels, many, many, many stories, filled with many highly educated/intelligent people.

My first experience, in the US was the day before my eighth birthday. We had just moved from the Philippines, and starting a new school and all, I saw what I found out when I was twelve to have been “The Men In Black” and they were NOT from some movie. There were other things that happened in the Phillippines, but that I’ll save for a book.

I was twelve when I saw my first silver disc, slowly going back and fourth across the mountain range we can see from the front of our house. I was sixteen when I saw my first cattle mutilation. Yes, at sixteen I knew what they were and what I was looking at and we were all informed to forget what we had seen. A field of dead cows, all mutilated in a grotesque way. I later found that the way they were mutilated was something often discussed within the UFO community.

At what point do you step off the edge of reality? There are real believers and those who think anyone who thinks we are not alone in this vast universe is looney tunes, cue bugs bunny, there is some damn good evidence to prove we are not alone. One wonders if they just don’t want to see it. In the field of UFOs I have found, you don’t always shoot the messenger. Listen with an open mind to what both sides have to say. The gap between the believer and Non-believer is getting smaller, largely due to technology like mass hand held video cameras, the hubble space telescope, {the now defunct} shuttle program, but also because many are no longer afraid to speak up, mainly at lectures where they may find one or two people who they can talk with.

I recently got the chance to sit-in on a lecture by Ben Hansen from SyFy’s Fact or Faked, put on by Haunted Orange, Skywatch, UPIO, and going in I honestly thought it would just be this guy from TV trying to sell something, he makes some pretty damn good points. Points about being too wrapped up in technology and the media to make up your own mind where the evidence is concerned, not taking the news’ word for it when the “evidence” has been whittled down to a 2 second sound bite, listening to his lecture there were points that were clean.

I have spent years listening to those who claim alien abduction, those who claim they have seen a UFO. I have sat in the back of MUFON meetings, UFO conferences, listening and taking notes. I have done my own skywatching, in California, Indiana, Michigan, Italy, England and South America. I have seen my share of lights in the sky. I have been able to lend credence to my own life long experiences. I’m still not sure what I saw or have experienced after all these years but I know none of the technology was made on this planet.

Ben demonstrates an effective knowledge of all things UFO. One might lean toward him being an abductee or at most having some sort of experience. He does show a video he took with a FLIR showing a heat signature of what he calls a triangle object he could not see with the naked eye or hear, but his knowledge of the phenomena is too vast for him to have just gotten into the phenomena. He has a degree in sociology and can hit on the things that
make you think, like the selective reality of TV, the news and movies to a little bit of symbology, interestingly enough from Disney. Listening to him speak and having spent all this time, harvesting from within the phenomena for explanations I still want to know more, I would admittedly love to pick his brain. Ben shows clips of the differences between an encounter that may be real and one that could for all intense and purpose be 90% CGI. Of course you need a degree in computer animation to really tell, but there are little things that if you watch enough you can pick up on. He also speaks about how all this new found interest in the media about UFOs could be just to desensitize the public.

“Look into my eyes, What do you see”? 14% of the population believe in UFOs but only 1 in 450 would actually report seeing one. Most would talk about it, usually if someone else starts the conversation, most experiencers just don’t trust or know enough about the agencies to actually report such things. So even if they would talk about it, they would never report it. Ufologists ask why and the answer to that question might be, the desensitization of the population. As Ben points out in his lecture, the news, movie industry and television gives the world a perspective from selective reality, to the point where if you were to see a UFO and little green men jumped out and shook your hand you’d probably say hi, shrug and move on. If in fact they are little green men since there are several kinds of aliens reported, Nordics {blonde hair and blue eyes}. The Grays {4 ft tall and gray with long fingers} and the Reptilians {9 ft lizards}.

“The mirror speaks but the reflection lies”. If you show a person the picture of a duck ten times and a rabbit on the eleventh they will still claim to see a duck. What would the purpose be in desensitization of the population and why UFOs, if they truly don’t exist why waste the time continually trying to disprove anyone who comes forward. I’m not trying to be all black ops or end of the world{even if according to AT&T my phone has a tap they can’t lawfully remove} and the subject of desensitization is a vast subject not only limited to UFOs, just look at some of the shows on TV today. One thing to ask yourself when watching anything about UFOs, is it real? Ask questions, if you get no answers step back and look at it again, become involved with an open mind in your local UFO group(s). Those who are trying to desensitize the population have no answers, Ben does put it best when he says, videre non est satis- Sometimes seeing is not enough.

Sure, as with anything you will get those who run around with pictures of rubber grays on their iPhones who think it’s cool and funny. It is cool, that one day it will be proven we aren’t alone in the universe and that may be the reason behind desensitization. The hangers on, the people who are into UFOs to make money off others stories and pain not really caring, those I have met by the hundreds. I will stand by my feeling that Ben of course is not Mulder, even if that is the frist image that pops into your head when seeing the intro for the show, he is searching, for what, that is his own. Almost all legitimate UFO hunters are searching for answers for some reason and trying to bring some legitimacy to the phenomena, it’s TV that push for drama and ratings. Maybe what needs to happen is for believers to finally see what they believe and that may be enough.