The year was 1986 and Buffy had planned to have a few friends down to the island for the weekend,
Only her twin sister Muffy had other plans.  The boat came to pick them up at the dock right before
Dusk. The boat lurching in the water as they board for what they think will be just another April Fool’s
Day weekend on the island……..oh wait damn with the intro to Stranded, Case #1 I thought I was
Watching the movie, April Fool’s Day and half expected someone to either fall off the boat
On the way to Star Island or once there someone was going to jump out from one of the rooms
With a stage knife.

The show kind of set up the creepiness that is suppose to be Star Island in the Isle of Shoals ten
Miles off the coast of Portsmouth,  the only hotel being, the Oceanic on Star Island and the creepiness supposedly abounds.  The second floor, doors slamming and voices in the nursery.  The third and fourth floors it’s said that the sounds of something like furniture moving can be heard but the show adds nothing new to the already Ghost heavy network schedules.

As I was watching Stranded I thought, damn I double dog dare Josh Gates, who is behind the camera as executive producer, to abandon me in one of these places.  The yelling, whining, acting tough was kind of annoying before the first thirty minutes but I kept watching, for one, to see if they actually caught anything and they seem to have caught the voice of a small child giggling from the nursery and a lot of bumps in the night and they caught something else….

While watching the questions about the post production editing started nagging at me.  Mainly because, the first time I noticed, camera number 44 first stated rear door, showed the group entering from the side the but a few seconds later, same camera, number 44 shows the group from behind, either the camera numbers were wrong or the camera was moved.

The next one I noticed was kind of strange because the whole premise is that these groups of “investigators”
Are in the locations all alone, no one from a production or camera crew is there with them so, the fact that Camera number 15 on the fourth floor captures for the first time at 6:40 pm the first night a screen leaning against the wall near the fire extinguisher.  The screen remains, 7:02, now this is where I started questioning, the camera posts the next time the screen is seen is again at 7:02pm Tuesday, the same time as the night before.  Also picked up on camera number 14 on the fourth floor is a lone crutch leaning against the chalk assignments board, that crutch remained, there every time camera 14 is shown.

I keep watching and the group ventures outside, looking around they find a window open, on the fourth floor.  When they go back inside and venture to the fourth floor to test the window, it of course is a bit rough going up but slides down easily.  The group spends the rest of the week I think scaring themselves more then confronting the spirits that are suppose to haunt the place but strangely enough, on Thursday
They decide to break up and go separate ways to investigate and low and behold on the fourth floor camera number 15 captures……… screen leaning against the wall.

Now unless one of the group members moved the screen and camera 15 didn’t catch it someone else was on the island.  I would love to and I volunteer to watch all five days worth of film from camera number 15 on the fourth floor to see exactly who moved that screen.  Now, I know it’s tv and all for entertainment and Stranded isn’t all that bad, even if it is based on a show, The World’s Scariest Places, that ran on Discovery channel for fifteen episodes from 2000 to 2006.   I think continuity of editing can be called into question with this one and it should have been caught in the post production.  I vote for more Stranded, I’ll even vote myself to be abandoned but only if myself and my team mates are truly left alone.

The show is surely entertainment and it’s kind of fun to watch.  I’m guessing the show had put out a casting call for paranormal investigators who would want to be Stranded and it’s fun to watch them scare themselves by not knowing what  pinging water pipes or the heat coming on sounds like or what a shutter banging against the outside wall sounds like and I’m hoping the locations, castings and camera editing get better, still not sure what episode Josh Gates gets scared in but that’s always fun to see.