Well, I finally got to see the all new Nick Groff produced Ghost Hunting show, Ghost Stalkers currently airing on Destination America.

I’ll be honest my cable company had not seen fit to include it in the package I had before so I got them to give me the channel (and a bunch of free stuff) and well….I’m not sorry I did.


The show itself is kind of like breaking in a new pair of shoes but, for me having met Chad Lindberg in LA I knew he has this really strange emotional thing going on.  He is very open to spirits which some call weird most of us who are empathic just call it natural. Some have said Chad is just bad acting.  Ok, he’s an actor but I know personally he’s very open and I like to believe no actor is that good after all, do actors ever win an Oscar for their best performances. As far as that goes, all the people on these shows are considered actors, they do get SAG wages/benefits for being on TV after all.

The part that got me in the show, was the part where Chad asked the spirits,

“What is on my mind right now?”

the response was not so shocking seeing why they are there, “Death” came the answer and well, they are there because of death.  I’m going to go out on a limb and say I believe Chad had a NDE that he either recalls and doesn’t like to talk about or he can only recall bits and pieces that currently do not make sense.

There was also a “Hi” captured along with John feeling drunk and disoriented which spirits can influence how the living feel, it’s empathic ability. Chad never said if he got validation as to if his dog was with him, I truly hope she came through and helped him, his almost break down may have answered that question.

The Geode in the basement, yeah give me a damn pick axe because baby I would crack that like a nut.  I want to see what is inside that before I straight out believe it’s a geode giving off energy.  Why you ask, because the type of stone inside is what helps bring in the energy and what type of energy if gives off.

The blood on the floor is there because it soaked into the wood, which could be a bad thing.  You know what they say, If you want to bring fourth evil give it a drop of your blood. If you “spill” blood on native soil you can bring fourth spirits attached to that land, so say shaman.

I have spent enough time learning from Native American Shaman(I’m 1/3 Cherokee) to know, that it’s the land, the energy you put out that brings in the energy you get.  That is done with chanting, drums, stones, crystals.  Shamanism is something taught through the generations. Spirit calling is something you should be very careful of. You should never be doing it without the proper protection (stones, crystals, sage etc).  I’ve heard Shaman talk about portals, The energy in/around native burial sites is in the land, the shaman bury the dead that way, calling on the energy to guide the dead. I do know Chad wears or has a variety of crystals and actually tells what some are used for and tweets about them regularly.


John EL Tenney, wow.  Dude is still calm as hell. I’ve known there has been something about him since meeting him in the 90’s, he was truly dead (sorry John) I do find people who have had NDE interesting because I’ve had three (I think I have six more lives left).  He boldly states & will talk about his NDE. His weird lectures are something all paranormal researchers should hear/partake, I’m hoping to catch a few again sometime.  John is someone who you can listen to for hours or he’ll listen to you.

Sure, it’s a bit raw and raw is good. Maybe jumping in and seeing what’s out there can be an interesting experience.  The guys and the crew are far more transparent than the other paranormal teams on TV.  They take to Twitter, Facebook and Intsa-gram sharing, chatting, talking with fans, John telling them, “I don’t have fans, I have friends.” Which is understanding of how you got where you are and how you stay there not just to “live tweet” which I feel really takes attention away from the show you are suppose to be watching, I’m thankful for the DVR.

Overall, With its scientific view, the possibility that portals can/do exist and that we might be able to open them is kind of a breath of fresh air in the somewhat stagnate running to and fro in the dark yelling at each other about demons, cold spots and other bumps. I’m waiting for someone to do full daytime investigations, spirits are out and about in daylight too. Taking a more scientific bent may be the shot in the arm the paranormal field needs after years of yelling, running around in the darkness, and I’m not saying Chad doesn’t yell.  I’m waiting for John to yell, because really, if John yells the guys are in trouble. I love that they go into a location alone, dangerous, yes but knowing for sure there is no one else inside can give any evidence caught stronger point.  I do however think all these investigators need to cover mirrors, maybe they wouldn’t scare themselves.

I enjoyed the fact that John and Chad try to explain some of the things going on, talking about the history of the location, not just once but throughout the show. As a paranormal investigator it should be more about the location, activity and the client. True, all these paranormal shows are tagged for entertainment purposes only but what if?  What if the investigators on these shows prove the energy is somehow retained, can move around or be called after death, that what we are on this plane is just, a bag of bones and experiences.

The one thing I hope that comes from this show is that people who have had NDE feel comfortable discussing them and what they experienced.  Much like what Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures and the like have done for people who experience spirits. Yes,  NDE and Seeing/Experiencing Spirits are two different things.  Although, I tend to feel some who have had NDE may be a little more inclined to feel the energy, seeing as how they were dead.

Here’s to a Season Two of Ghost Stalkers, let’s see what they can do.