SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If you have not been able to see the show beware reading farther.

Watching the Old Taylor Memorial Hospital episode of Ghost Stalkers brought back the many memories of years of working in emergency rooms and hospitals.  Rarely do hospitals (like prisons) see good things.

In this blog I will discuss my thoughts about how the apparition was created, They may not be too far off just a bit backward.



The current owner of the hospital is trying to renovate it and we all know what supposedly happens when locations are built/renovated.  This episode dealt with some really scientific experiments, one being the Gamma Radiation and I have to say because someone watching with me brought it up, no the radiation they used in the hospital would not have the same effect.

The incinerator/morgue was the area of major concern as there had been reports of hearing a woman humming and that was heard but not captured.  The team set up the check in camera in the incinerator room looking out on the hall.  If you look closely there is a small light which reflects off the back wall in the hall, this plays in later.

My thoughts on the Gamma Detector, what if the beeps are code (thanks to Grant Wilson for that thought).  It would be easier to communicate by spiking the radiation levels in order to make the device beep, less energy expended. (I’m thinking like a spirit).

This show has a premise of spirits using portals to appear on this plane. Well, by using the Tesla Coil (which I love btw) you just gave whatever entity is skulking around in the location the energy it may need.  50 thousand volts is a lot of energy. I could not believe John touched that thing.  I was electrocuted with just 220 and almost died (NDE #2). I understand what they were trying to do but……..what if they did it backward?


What if you are empathic or have psychic abilities and all you did was release enough energy to create poltergeist activity. Another avenue to think about perhaps?

There were several EVPs captured,

Chad getting a spirit saying his name, “Chad” and the word “Kill” which may not have meant kill someone it may mean that the person was killed. The thing about the spirits is you really do not know a whole lot about the staggered words they give.  EVPs are always interesting none the less.

The photo of the child on the stairwell is interesting,


Although there is some lens flare you can make out what looks to be a child standing at the top of the stairs (not captured by the team). The other photo, of the dark shadow figure taken on the third floor was not available but, I’m not 100% on that photo.  It looks really solid and looks like it may be more of a human person standing at the other end of the hall.

Now, for the apparition caught walking past the incinerator room.  I have already seen this video about 40 times because I will admit the first 10 I thought it was faked.  Upon watching it again and again on a 60 inch TV screen and a smaller computer screen, here’s how it could have been faked.

Someone in a flesh colored bodysuit sprayed with glitter to reflect the light of the night vision camera slowly walks across. This is doable but the reaction on John’s face, not so much. Then you break it down to the gait of the figure.  It does not walk like a normal human might walk when walking through a very dark hallway.

Next is that it very well could have been the shadow figure from the third floor and on night vision it looked white BUT…….that doesn’t play well since the figure looks more solid and is reflecting light where a shadow figure you would have only seen more of an outline and it would have blocked the small light bouncing off the hall wall but the small light seems to pass through the legs of the apparition and continues to bounce off the wall as it walks by.

My theory is and I know there are a lot of people will think what I’m saying makes no sense but here goes.  I believe what happened was the use of the Tesla Coil charged the atmosphere in the incinerator room and floor above so much that the captured apparition, who probably makes this walk nightly, like an ex security guard and the team got very lucky.  The apparition was far more solid which means like John said it was charged. The Tesla Coil would have done that.

John EL Tenney stating:   “I saw the figure, I saw it in real time. Although it’s often mind-numbing to stare at the check-in camera monitor all night long it’s necessary and in this case was worth it. I honestly didn’t even know if I saw what I saw. By that I mean the camera is a live feed I have no way to go back and look at it until the morning. So I saw the figure and then I was like, “what did I just see?” It wasn’t until the morning after Chad was done that I could go retrieve the camera and check for what I thought I saw”.


The bigger question that comes from this episode is, not did the team open a portal but can you bring fourth spirits/entities simply by charging the atmosphere in a location.