People who meet me usually ask, “What has your scariest paranormal experience ever?”

I never have to think too long about it because it is something that I will feel guilty about the rest of my life.  And they say, how can you feel guilty about a paranormal experience?

I have never considered myself any kind of medium-psychic or otherwise.  Sure, I see spirits and often talk to them or hear them talking to me. Most times it’s in passing (thankfully) and rare times it’s been to ask for help.

Now, those who know me know I am usually 9 times out of ten meeting people and I am open to them.  I can read their feelings (not thoughts) and know if they are feeling stressed, sad, whatever, I can most times do the same with spirits, but this was different, this was very unexpected and out of the blue.  I rarely talk about this even tho the case was solved years ago it’s something that haunts me.

There was a case in San Diego of a little girl (I will not name names)who had been abducted and later found murdered. I had an weird feeling about the case and there were all sorts of scenerios played out by the news media, of course. I was at the time working in L&D (labor and delivery) 3pm to 11pm.

It was such a quite night, we had one mom who had delivered earlier in the day and she was happily ensconced in her room, door closed.  Myself and the staff had been discussing the above case and what our thoughts were as they had not found the little girl as of that day.

We watched a movie, the phone didn’t even ring. Weird for a Friday night. When I got up and headed to the restroom in the back of the floor, behind the two ORs.  I was in the stall, got up and when I went to unlock the door I got hit full in the face by this little girl.  Her picture had been all over the news so I knew who she was.

There were no words, just her face.  Then I saw a gravel road, a tree and a paved two lane road and a water reservoir.  Being shown this from above, I had seen it before, I had been on that road before. People do not understand, when spirits come to you and show you things it’s in a split second and looks like the old photo viewers except you can’t click the button.

When it was over I found myself weak and out of breath, I could barely pull open the lock on the door to get out of the stall.  One of the nurses came in and asked if I was ok and in a small, somewhat squeaky voice (for those who know me that is not my normal voice) I told her I was, tried hard to pull it together and left the restroom.

Several days later there was a noon break in Young & Restless for a news story. They had found the little girl’s body. Off of a paved two lane road, buried behind a lone tree which stood maybe 20 feet off this road. Across the street, a gravel processing plant with a gravel road leading into it and behind that a water retention reservoir.

It still makes me cry and sends chills up mine spine but the bad thing. I never told anyone. I had a fear of how psychics, mediums and the paranormal are viewed by law enforcement. I worried they would try to say I had something to do with it.

I wrestle with the fact I could have maybe provided sooner closure for the family. I wrestle with the fact that maybe had I spoke up that the evidence would have been more fresh, told investigators more, pointed more fingers and this is something I will have to deal with until law enforcement changes it’s view.