farrarThis episode certainly had me scratching my head, maybe as much as other paranormal investigators who have been there.

With no recorded deaths in the school, why would there be such negative, dark paranormal activity?

How bout this, the entity they call “the principal” could be the original owner of the property the school sits on?  Investigators who live there should go back and investigate the actual property, chances are “the principal” is also buried in the cemetery.  I’m willing to bet he was a nasty old man and the fact that people keep going in there and using Ouija boards to call the negative……..well you get what you ask for. If he wasn’t brought there by past investigators.

I wonder if the boiler room is directly below the principal’s office because almost all of the dark, negative energy is reported to happen in the boiler room and the hall adjacent to the office.

The other question, why would children who have grown and passed on return as children to the school?  They wouldn’t, I don’t think a spirit can regress to childhood after passing away as an adult, but I will defer that to John Tenney and his team. So, the only logical explanation for children spirits to be there is that they were buried in the cemetery and brought to the school after death.  Now, I will agree that if the principal entity is strong enough he may be able to pull spirits from other realms.


With the almost static oppressive feeling, the feelings of being watched/followed, seeing something there but not, a dark figure standing just out of camera range all do point to what John talked about at the end of the episode. Some sort of trickster entity that likes to mess with people and keep them guessing not just about the afterlife but also about what they, the spirits are doing.

I do like that they try to actually explain to people and remove some of the stigma of the Ouija board.  Using them for divination will bring in what you ask for. If you ask for negative that’s what you will get.  The energy the group is expending brings about the energy they are putting out there, kind of like a calling circle in Pagan/Wicca and some Satanic rituals.

I loved how Chad tried to bring out the children and get them to come play with him. Sad, it did not.  I feel the principal might be keeping them at bay from investigators, they are his after all.

It was rather enjoyable to see investigators actually using and explaining new equipment. The biometrics was of interest because there has in the past been ample research that the body changes as one is exposed to paranormal events.  I would love to see a camera that could mimic the human eye to really see what the investigator is seeing and map brainwaves in order to “see” what they see.

As for EVP captures:  The Goddamnit  to Chad was pretty funny. I love when the spirits mimic the investigator it tells you they are listening.

I thought it was great that John’s recorder stopped working as in an investigation equipment will stop working all the time.  It’s the mark of a good investigator who figures it out fixes it or changes his/her direction.  It does however leave me wondering why it stopped, what was any entity there trying to hide?

This show is a fabulous way to bring new blood and a way of thinking into the paranormal field, not everything is a demon or evil and not everyone has to be tattoo’d from head to toe and wear all black.  I do hope for a longer season two and that John and his team get the opportunity to shine light on the halls of the past that are often left dark. I always tell people, and I’ve been laughed at, you get what you give.  The paranormal is no different, if you have the intent in any place to bring about evil,  evil will come if you truly want answers ask with an open mind and a light approach.  The old saying, you get more flys with honey.