Most people tend to not understand being  sensitive.  How you go about talking to the dead.  Well, I don’t talk to them every single day and I usually nine times out of ten do not get to choose when/if they speak, wish I did.  I would get a lot deeper/more sleep if it were my choice.

Like I’ve said before my first experience of talking to the dead was at four years old and it came and went until I was fourteen, since the age of fourteen I haven’t had much choice, except when my father passed away.  I lost all ability to sense anything for about two years, which was very weird and why I have no clue.

I meditated, asked questions, used all the tools I was taught and nothing. It was a strange thing but….Now it’s over and they come calling again.   I have spirits talking almost constantly, like they are lining up at the door and constantly chatter.  Every once in a while one will speak louder.

I call myself a “paranormal counselor” because for many years as I tried to figure out what was going on there was no one except shaman who could try to explain it.  Now I like to try to put myself out there because as someone who isn’t involved in an investigative team I’m not likely to know anything about the cases or clients.

I have people who contact me and I ONLY work by referral from a paranormal team/group that I know and can investigate before taking a case. I do require that one member of the referring team be present (because you know the story).  I do not require to know what the teams thoughts are ie: if it is demon activity, poltergeist etc… I will require to now if anyone in the location is under psychiatric care/takes medications, if there have been any sort of what might be mental breaks, threats to members of the location by living and that sort of thing and all interviews are videotaped.

You ask, what does a paranormal counselor do?

I am mainly a resource for clients.  I may be a sensitive but I can investigate as well and have.  I can direct those who are having problems to investigators I know will do the right thing because you can’t just pick up the phone and call the ghost adventure crew LOL

I will assist with cleansing (which we will talk about another time).  The use of various objects, crystals and the like.  I assist mentally/spiritually and will assist in trying everything we can in order for the client to remain in their home/business.  I teach how to sage, salt. About oils, stone work and sometimes speak with the spirits to try to figure out what their needs/wants are.

As much as I would love to help everyone I can only work by referral from a known paranormal investigative team.  No, I do not charge and I can not guarantee the avenues we take to assist will help but it may give a better idea of what’s going on.

It’s a weird thing but after years of trying to solve my own hauntings, attachment, encounters and not getting help or having so called investigators never return calls, never show up or tell me without photos, video/evp they can’t do anything I learned on my own and pay it forward as I have been taught by the shaman who taught me.