Now right off the bat I’m gonna say, a soul session is ONLY for those who are highly interested and knowledgeable about the paranormal.  Those who have tried and failed to experience it on the higher levels.

It can hurt, it can scar you and it can feel like the spirits are messing with you BUT…..that is the purpose.  It is to teach you how to tell the difference between a spirit simply trying to touch you or trying to jump you.

It is meant to teach you how to safely call the spirits and how to dispel the spirits and how to protect yourself from the evil entities.

There are very few sensitives who will or who are even willing to assist in this, I’m one…of course. I rarely assist in a soul session unless I have a sincere belief the person asking me for the assistance is willing to go the whole nine yards because it is not, NOT an easy process.

Soul sessions will help keep you from breaking, emotionally.  They teach you how to combat the spirits energy but how to use yours to help them.  It is a draining weekend, you will be mentally forced to deal with the dark, negative, emotional things that are deep within you and/or the dark things that follow you.

I will say right now before anyone tried to contact me to do this.  It is NOT done over the internet, phone, Skype, e-mail.  It is done in person, I do not charge and before you even think about doing this you need to be mentally & emotionally ready to deal with your shit and let go of all of it.

You can have the dark and the light if you are willing.