When people meet me they have questions so for anyone that is wondering here are some I’m usually always asked.

Have you ever Practiced VooDoo or Santeria?

Yes, I have studied VooDoo & Santeria and No I would never practice either. Both are extremely dangerous. Spirit calling is also dangerous but you can do it with lots of practice and teachings.

Do you really use crystals, oils etc..?

Yes, I am a believer that stones, crystals, oils, certain sprays and sage work for and against spirit activity.  I’ve seen/experienced it.

Do you really belong to The Church Of Satan?

Yes, I am a card carrying member of the real Church of Satan, started by Anton LaVey. I’m even friends with his daughter. But No, I have never sacrificed anything to Satan, Never drank blood, never been involved in an orgy and none of my scars are from giving blood to drink and I do not worship Satan.
BUT…I am a very firm believer that you must know your enemy and if you are going to be throwing stones at entities you better know good from bad and what they are capable of.

Are you a real Minister?

Yes, I really am a Non-Denominational Minister, I can even marry people.

Have you ever been to the Vatican or Paris?

Yes, I have been to the Vatican and thanks to a friend I saw things.  I’ve also been to the catacombs in Paris and the underground. I even snuck onto Poveglia and found bones. It was during the day, even in daylight the place has insane energy.

Do you have any Ghouls in your family?

I am a direct decendent of Elizabeth Bathory on my Mom’s side, I’ve even visited the old properties.  But no I am not a Vampire.

I do believe in Karma and have seen it applied so I try to behave.

Do you have any Tattoos or Piercings?

No, I do not have any tattoos, but I want one and I only have two piercings.  Two earrings in each ear.

What is your favorite genre?

I do enjoy Sci-Fi, I did write a script for ST:TNG but…..The question I get all the time, Yes, Kirk over Picard but ST:TNG over the original. I’m also a fan of The original Star Wars Trilogy but none of the prequel stuff.

Being into health and Fitness are you a vegetarian?

Yes, I did used to be a vegetarian and still am to a point because I hate the smell of meat. I try to cook everything fresh and eat as fresh as I can.

Do you have a past life?

I’ve had two past lives but never talk about them, and Yes, one is the reason I hate fire.

How long have you been chasing demons?

I have been Chasing Demons since I was 14.

Do you ever find yourself sitting in the woods?

Yes, I go to the woods and let the spirits talk but I hate camping.

What kind of things do you write?

I do write Sci_Fi novels.  I like writing books more than scripts because I can be as descriptive as I want and the reader gets to find the visual. I sometimes write about the Paranormal but my views can be a little askew from the general population because of my history with the paranormal.

What’s the one place you won’t go to or refused to go to?

One of the only places I have ever refused to enter was Bobby Mackey’s. I got physically ill before I made it inside. I really thought I was going to die.

Have you ever been really scared?

Of the Paranormal, no. There are places I’m scared to go without an army. The only thing that ever really scared me was having a stalker. The guy knew everything about me. The LAPD found out he was living in Pakistan so there wasn’t much I could do.  I changed all my online IDs and stuff but…I’m generally careful about information online or at least try to be.

Will we ever see you at parties/clubs?

Not very often, I don’t go hang out much anymore. It’s the whole people I don’t know touching me. I once brought home a spirit.  I guess it was from all the touching at the club and someone had the attachment. I learned my lesson, I have people over but only close friends. But once you know me and I’m comfortable with you it’s all good.

What did you major in in college?

I Majored in Psychology, Criminal Psychology with a minor in Criminology/Police Science.
But I also got degrees in Ancient Cultures & Religions. I thought the History of the various Ancient Cultures would help in Demon study since Demons have been around a lot longer than us.

Are you really Religious?

No, I believe there is something but a God not really and I believe all religions go back to ancient times when it was used as a way to keep the majority of the population under control.  Can you imagine the kind of world we’d have if there was no guilt for doing bad things and the laws came about as a result of those who had no guilt.

What are your favorite movies/music?

I love a good, well written horror movie, The old Black & White Dracula gets me every time. But Movies like, Ghost Ship, Skeleton Key, The Lost Boys, The Scream movies, great writing/story telling.  I LOVE Mel Brooks and any guy who gets the references is aces. Sci-Fi stuff and I’m seeing a lot of movies being made from old Omni Magazine short stories which is way cool IF they come out tight and stick to the original.
TV Shows I tend to gravitate toward comedy, The Big Bang Theory I never miss, Ghost Adventures (love how they have all progressed as investigators), Ghost Hunters, Dead Files, Amy Adams rocks that sh*t, Naked & Afraid sometimes, it’s just hilarious. I forgot UFC, I got hooked while on a trip to Thailand and try to catch it whenever I can. It’s more then guys hitting each other, it’s about winning through skill and domination. Kinda like the paranormal 🙂

Music, I tend to like 80’s & 90’s stuff I do listen to techno sometimes, the beat has to be there. Marilyn Manson rocks sometimes but I’m Motley Crew, Kiss loving kinda person. When I have my beats on it’s to block out the outside.

Would you ever call a family member who has passed away?

NO, Never!!!!  Why would I want to drag them back especially if they were at peace.  I’ve always been told you NEVER call on dead family members because you do not know where they are and dragging them back to this plane can cause pain.  Calling spirits is something you ONLY do with a lot of training with Shaman and those who are very versed in doing so.  It is a scary experience because you never know if you are going to get what you are calling.  It ticks me off when teenagers go into a wicca shop and buy books to cast spells or call the dead and think it’s funny, that’s like playing with a Ouiji board or calling bloody mary and saying it’s just a party trick.

Are you married?

No, I am single and only because I think I haven’t found the guy who can keep up with me. Some nights I get maybe 2-3 hrs sleep and I’m constantly moving.  The paranormal thing is the other reason, most guys can’t take the constant barrage and don’t understand that I’m not talking to myself.  I’ve had a few say I’m crazy just because they can’t see who I’m talking to LOL

What kind of workout do you do to stay fit?

I work out at least 3 times a week sometimes more.  I grew up the only girl in a neighborhood full of boys so I learned a lot about lifting weights and stuff.  I found in order to drown out the static I plug in the earbuds and walk or run on the treadmill for an hour then either do circuit training with weight machines or just do a free weight day or pilaties.

What is your Sign?

LOL I’m a Pisces, the fish

With the spirits talking to you how do you stay sane?

There was a time when I was younger I really thought I was going crazy, before I understood what was going on.  I talked to people who owned a mystic store in town and they sent me to a shaman. Now there are times when I have to walk around constantly with earbuds & music, even if it’s just static it blocks out the spirits ability to get through for some reason.  I guess they haven’t figured out how to break through the earbuds 🙂