“It’s deeper than you perceive as paranormal.”

That utterance from Zak Bagans in the woods surrounding The Hell Fire Club is something that at some point in a true paranormal investigator/researcher’s life we all utter when we are dangerously close to the light.

I’m not talking about the light when you die, I’m talking about the light that allows one to see into the darkness.  The light that allows one to see what the darkness holds.

I actually found this year’s Halloween episode hard to sit through the first time.  I had to go back and watch it on DVR and take notes, disconnect myself from the emotion, the disturbing emotion.

First up was the place where the Goddess Morrigan is said to arrive from:

Zak seemed a bit giddy at the opportunity to possibly come in contact with Morrigan.   Morrigan is not one to be toyed with, period.  She comes or calls you, you should never call her.  She is one of the Pagan Goddesses who will stalk you through your waking and dreaming hours.

If she likes you.  If she does not you are in for one hell of a life.

Although, I saw Zak’s features seem to change I can not say for sure they had any actual contact with the Goddess.  Blessed Be is all I would have said at the end of that day.

The guys broke up, Zak and Aaron went up to the Hell Fire Club on Montpelier Hill and I think they took that on because of Aaron’s history with the Hell Fire Caves in England and the ritual he did there.

I visited there on my tour of Ireland.  The good thing about having Irish roots, my dad has family there.  I was not very comfortable there, during the day.  It seems to be a bit of a ramshackle place, cold, dark and dank.  I will agree that a ring of salt does in fact signal some sort of calling.  The person(s) standing inside are in it to protect themselves from what they are calling.

You see both Zak and Aaron become more aggressive, rude and hostile toward each other during their visit.  Aaron’s voice even changes while trying to keep Zak out of the one room.

I did use my headphones on the TV and listen to the male EVP, it sounded to me like the male voice said, “I killed the or that woman”.

I wonder if Aaron brought that stone back home with him.

They had glass & pebbles seem to move on the floor, you can hear like something scratching at the dirt. After their experience the night before this was where I had to leave the room, I was myself becoming so emotional, I just wanted to hug Aaron because I know the feeling and I will say this, weather Zak, Nick or Aaron ever read this blog,

What has been chosen as your path, you have to look inside yourself and be right with yourself to look the devil in the face and walk away.  You WILL be scarred, inside and that never goes away but you will learn what you need to learn. Always be careful what you wish for.

Nick and Billy took to investigating Leap Castle.  When I visited there I wasn’t sorely impressed except for the dark figure in the Bloody Chapel.  Myself and my dad’s cousin did witness a dark figure in there, seemingly trying to “hug” the wall.  It moved along the wall in a snake like fashion along the floor, I left quickly as I became very queasy and uneasy.

Again, you see a change in Nick, he becomes emotional, agitated, and his voice changes.  He did seem as if something might have been trying to attach itself to him.

Upon listening to the EVP he captured, it sounded like, “something grandmother”.

The Steward’s House:  Ok, I myself happen to love black cats but what the hell.  Zak, Nick and Aaron come to town and a black cat appears.  That poor guy was terrified he had seen a black cat. I will say it takes balls to keep poking evil things.  It was Albert Einstein who once said, the definition of Insanity is to keep doing the same things over and over expecting different results.  In the case of GAC it may lead to insanity.

Jay turned the painting upside down, Zak looked it in the eye.  They heard loud noises, footsteps, a cat meow and a lady screaming.

Let’s talk a sec about the Banshee,  I have heard a Banshee.  I was lying in my bed and it screamed right in my ear.  My father passed away one year later, so the Banshee is something I will attest to believing in.

The Noooooooo in the woods as not a Banshee cry BUT the one heard while inside the Steward’s house sure as hell sounded like it.

Loftus Hall:  Ok, I’ll admit I did take the tour of the house when they opened it for tours.  Personally I would have loved to go upstairs.  The energy there is amazing, I’d live there and love to restore it to it’s old glory. It is hella creepy when the fog overtakes it but….

I did hear through headphones when they had the SB7 in the Tapestry Room what sounded like singing, that was weird.

When Zak was on the third floor I did hear, “I knew you would help or come”. That EVP was creepy because it is whispered and seemed to be directed at Zak himself as if whoever said it knew he would come.  The he being Zak or is it some sort of residual just repeating the same phrase to all who enther the third floor.

This was a rough episode for me to watch & I know through what Zak & Aaron for the most part have tweeted about their experience (Aaron has posted a blog about it). They were more aggressive, rude, and nasty to each other.  I do feel it was a direct result of poking at evil things on a continued basis.

Nick did not seem “present”. He seemed detached from the whole experience, more so after being in the bloody chapel.

Aaron just seemed not to fully grasp (yet) what has happened.  All I can say is there is light at the end of that tunnel it just takes a lot of work.

Zak, well, Zak is a whole other ball game.  He is in the darkness, I’ll call him out on that.  I’ve been there.  I have travelled the same road and he’ll get his answers, he may not believe them or want them but he’ll get them.  I think Zak’s answers are where it all started.  I don’t believe Zak truly understands what he is asking for and I hope he can handle it when he gets it.

In the paranormal some are allowed to touch evil or evil touches us. I think in the case of the GAC, Zak has touched, Nick and Aaron have been touched.   It’s how you handle it that makes you able to deal.

Overall I enjoyed the Halloween special, I would have liked a bit more of the history as Ireland has loads of history involving the paranormal and the beliefs, some of which are still practiced today.