I’ll admit knowing that Zak Bagans is, you could say terrified of dolls (as witnessed by the look on his face)

That’s pretty much the look I had on my face when I visited the island back in 1998 when Don Julian was still alive.  I went during the day and I love seeing others visit.  I loved when Josh Gates & the Destination Truth crew went.  Zak and Aaron had a few of the same experiences that crew had, mostly the lights.

I ignored most of the “set-up” knowing the history and watched when night fell.  I saw the fire spark from behind the chair & waited for the guys to comment, an invite perhaps? Have a seat?

I am sorry Zak, I found your reaction hysterical BUT only as someone who has been to the island, has hated dolls her entire life (I used to pay my brothers to throw them on the roof whenever my mom bought me one) and to see you have the same sort of reaction I just found funny, I do hope it helped you cope a bit with your fear, kudos to you and Aaron for taking it on.

My trip there was during the day and the canals were creepy, black and there was a weird smell I couldn’t put my finger on.  While walking around there were whispers, like people talking off in the trees and you couldn’t see them.  The strange frequency and something that sounds like singing, We were told the locals say that is the mermaids calling, I heard it as we were getting back on the boats to leave.

The dolls were creepy yes, but come on, they are mostly old, rotting and why wouldn’t a spirit want to have a blast scaring the tourists, which it wasn’t such a tourist spot when I went. It was an interesting personal experience, would I go back?  Hell yeah!!  Would I go at night? Nope!!
and if I saw a spider the island might go up in flames.

Now for Harold, I get the experiment to see if the spirit(s) inhabiting Harold might come out and either stay on the island or somehow interact with at least one of the spirits but it really seemed Old Harold was going to have none of that.  I think the spirit(s) inside Harold may have had an influence on the energy.  I would have forgotten Harold on the island, accidently on purpose.

I think that Zak went there knowing what was in store and having a pre-existing fear of dolls might have been a bit worked up (natural).

I would love to see the guys do an investigation where they don’t know where they are going (would have to be US of course, since you can’t take a blindfolded passenger on a plane) and watch to see what they get from the location, a blind investigation.

Next week is The Halloween episode, Celtic Demons, can’t wait.  Leap Castle and Hellfire Club.  I’ve again been to both and will watch with interest to see what they capture.

Yes, I travel a lot

The interesting thing, a black cat in a village where there hadn’t been one seen in forever. Yet, Zak appears and a black cat appears, interesting.

You can see Aaron’s VLogs on the travel channel webbie,


It will also be interesting since the Halloween episode is rumored to be Nick’s last.

***These photos have been added to illustrate the conversation in comments.