I knew watching Ghost Adventures Queen Mary episode that the part of the phrase Billy and Jay received I had seen/heard before,

“A fifth of the low-life of the fourth, of that…….But that will move the fifth……the -if the fifth……”

“5 Gate”

These I had heard in my travels and talks about dimensions and how spirits may move between dimension 4 and 5.  Since our life is based in the 3rd dimension it is believed by some that the spirit world(s) are based in the 4th and/or the 5th dimension.

It being said that when we first pass away the spirit passes into the 4th dimension.  There it stays or may pass to the higher 5th dimension.  In the 5th dimension some spirits can accomplish what is known as a “breakthrough”.

A breakthrough is when a spirit known it has passed yet can harness enough energy to, Breakthrough the dimension and give short burst messages like the one above.

The message Billy and Jay received I had seen before in several books and internet sights devoted to how our souls pass.

These are Hopi Prophecies, Summa Theologica, What Happens When We Die, The Awakened State, even Dante’s Inferno speaks of this.  The message is there the spirit communicating with Billy and Jay was probably so excited someone could finally “hear” it that it got a bit mixed up and the message came out a tiny bit jumbled, that’s for us, the living to figure out what it meant.  Or you can just look up Ezekiel 1:1 because the same quote is mentioned there, maybe the spirit is pointing to a prayer.

5 Gate, your solider.  Since the ship was used during time of war, there are many references to 5 gate and solider.

As for the black shadow walking past the door, when the tape is slowed down you can see it looks like the entity is about 6’4″ or 5″ wearing what is referred to in the military as a pea coat (the long black wool coats with big buttons) worn by the men in the military at the time.  The backpack looks like what they called a ruck sack.  They carried all their gear in.

I’ve been to the Queen Mary several times while living in Southern California. Did my own investigating and never heard/saw a little girl.  But my own experience has always been something darker looking for justification.