Ok, I’m going to be blunt & honest in this blog post. If you have not seen the show and do not want to know anything read no farther.

If you disagree with what I write, oh well. From my life long personal experiences with spirits, demons and a Zozo calling I may say things that piss off the everyday Ghost Adventures viewer who watched last night’s episode, so, moving on.

First off, I did get physically ill watching last night’s show.  It was chaotic, fractured and there was no actual lock down.

Zak, as much as one might think he had his shit together, did not.  He was affected by the presence. He ended up going and sitting alone, looking a bit strange.

Nick, Also affected.  He looked for a bit like something was trying to take control or enter his body.

Aaron, where the hell was Aaron. Hardly saw or heard him, that worries me.

Jay, Well he got closure but what’s attached to Darren, not so much. I was not shocked at all that Jay did what he did.

Those who have read this blog know I have had an encounter with a Zozo demon in Africa.  What I saw in last night’s Ghost Adventures while very scary and something to be very worried about was in my opinion  not an actual Zozo Demon.  It was more some dark entity playing at being one.

The way a Zozo appears is very specific from what I’ve always been told.  The fact that everyone involved was affected by the entity from the smell of feces to the feelings of an electricity charged environment and the separating of the entire team says demon activity.  The one thing I did not hear anyone say was that they smelled sulpher which comes along with demon activity but not attachments.

I have read the accounts of the demon house activity over the years and although I feel it is not a Zozo demon it is some kind of demon. However, what is attached to Darren is something that can be controlled and banished/bound.

Darren, the owner of the home started with, in his words, a menacing but beautifully handcrafted double sided Ouija which was found underneath a girlfriend’s grandmother’s home. It was surrounded by old lightning jars each with a preserved blackbird inside. The jars were covered in an oily white grease like substance. He managed to clear away some of it and upon holding it up to the sun he found himself staring into the blood filled eyes of a very well preserved blackbird!

The dark side of the board had Zozo inscribed in place of the Ouija, with wings on each side. Strange symbols were also carved into the board, along with candle wax drippings, sinewed strategically all over, some forming tentacles that actually continued over to the other side, a large William Fuld squared off board. Almost looking like the dark side was latched onto the other side.

Now, although this might signal someone using this board to call a Zozo this is not how HooDoo priests call a Zozo. This is however how VooDoo priests and other dabblers in the dark arts call and or bind a demon/spirit entity and that is all I will say on the subject of calling/binding.

Whatever was bound to this board was released when it was dug up and subsequently attached itself to Darren. After my reaction to just the film and only scenes which Darren was in.  The entity is not actually within the house it is attached to Darren and if you watch anyone who comes near him is affected.  It enjoys his energy. I am in no way saying Darren is not affected by this entity, he has an attachment who likes him. His wife being attacked, his daughter being attacked was because the entity wants him and him alone.

I was not surprised by my reaction, I expected to get ill from this. The only other time I have had a reaction to a Ghost Adventures episode is Bobby Mackey’s and I refuse to watch that just like I refuse to go into the place itself.

Now to deal with the “Kill, Nick” piece.  If you know how spirits communicate and how an Oujia works this in no way actually meant KILL Nick.  This was a very telling piece since we all know what has happened with Zak, Nick & Aaron (Nick only filmed 6 shows of season 10).

What the entity (and I’m not saying it was the same entity that is attached to Darren)it found a weakness within the team and has exploited it.  The team is now fractured and separated.  After ten seasons of hearing how Zak has had attachments and watching him squirm while the protection/cleansing was being performed and how Zak wandered off alone I would venture to guess it is an entity attachment on Zak.

Robert Murch is 100% right when he says, it’s what you believe.  There are spirits/demons who have a wait and see attitude.  They wait for who is open to them and take advantage. Divination devices such as Oujia boards, Tarot cards, dice, Witch stones are all just that, used for asking and answering questions from spirits.  It all revolves around knowing how to use the devices, opening circles and being responsible and closing them. It is all how much stock you put into the beliefs but understanding the ancient beliefs is something everyone must do to be responsible when using such items.

Not understanding the history is irresponsible and leaves not only yourself open to the things that go bump in the night but your family, friends, others.  When I left my old house (which was horridly over run with spirits) I did a closing so that the next owners might not have the problems I grew up with, I hope everyday it worked.