Now talking about my Zozo experience has opened a door with so many questions SO, here goes.

My demon background comes from an experience I had at 12 years old, well before my Zozo experience.  The demon came to me, I never called him. He was a big black f*cker with red eyes, that experience terrified me for months until I got up enough guts to try to figure out what the hell it was. I studied demons all the way back to ancient times and still study. What has me scared is that there are people who make up demons (like Slender Man) and kids/people truly believe it exists.  I never jump straight to anything being a demon, a demon is my last thought, when I have all the facts.

I still haven’t figured out who the red eyed demon was but I’ve had two experiences with seeing the same demon and the same demon offering me something in return for him giving me what I want.  Now, this demon is always around I say he is semi-attached because I don’t feel/see him all the time.  But if I were to call (yes I admit, I tried it) he is right there and THAT is why I refuse to call demons of any kind, it is very dangerous.

What I believe about demons:

and as I type this there is an overwhelming scent of rose roses in a brand spanking new house that not one person has ever worn that scent in.

I do not believe demons or spirits can haunt items, I do however believe demons and spirts can be bound to items.  Even tho I do know how to do binding spells no, I will not bind any spirit, demon or entity to any object unless forced to do so by their behavior.

I do believe and have used/witnessed that kosher salt can form a barrier spirits/demons can not cross. ( I will write about this)

I do believe and have witnessed the power of black onyx against evil and use it everyday. (I will write about this)

I do believe and have used/witnessed the use of sage, sage ash and red brick against evil, and those living seeking to harm. (I will write about this)

I’m still on the fence about orbs being anything but energy. Spirits that can not form but have the ability to zip around.

I do believe lighting storms can contribute to higher incidence of paranormal activity as can magnetic energy, natural or man made.

From my experiences with/in the paranormal no one person knows everything, it is case by case, experience by experience it’s the experience of the investigator that helps figure out what road to take and where his/her help