So, everyone that gets nasty, rude, mean spirited is possessed right?


Sometimes people are just assholes or looking for an excuse for the bad things they do.  There are times when someone might, MIGHT be possessed but a true possession is very few and far between.  There are levels leading up to possession, all variables must be in place, meaning, the person who is truly possessed must be in the right frame of mind/body or they went out of their way to get possessed (which even that’s a long shot at best).

Contrary to popular belief Satan does not have the time to go around possessing everyone who claims to be possessed and there are far fewer true demons than most think.   You have to remember back in the days that most of the accounts it was common to do some pretty heavy drugs (what we think of as drugs).  There are lesser demons or “worker” demons.

Accounts of Satan & Demons are pretty scary and all accounts can describe really ugly looking people, How would you know what a demon looks like inside a possessed person?

Before we get into someone being actually possessed let’s look at the levels of spirits it takes to get to demon, because you don’t die and become a demon being a demon has to be earned.

Spirit-Someone who has passed away and their energy remains.

Entity- An Entity is a spirit that has been either stuck on this plane or has been here for quite some time.

Imps-  Imps are a demons handyman.  They are little spirits who have the energy of a small child.  They hop around, steal things, hide things, push, pull.  Generally just annoy you, they can not do any real harm. Imps are not only called by Demons they are also called/created by Witches.  Witches create an Imp in order to bother a living person or to spy on them. Imps are usually quick moving blurs who run back and fourth, usually seen only from the corner of your eye.

Poltergeist- A poltergeist is something totally created by a living person. The energy is created by someone who is either very upset/stressed or a sensitive who has not really learned to control their gift.  Also, mentally challenged/handicapped children are prone to create poltergeist activity.  More so if they are non-verbal. People who have had a stroke and are not able to verbalize any longer can create poltergeist activity.  Poltergeist activity usually manifests like lighting or electrical charges. It usually affects electrical items in the house or is seen as bright flashes of light.

Attachments- Attachments are spirits who have gained the energy to follow you around.  They aren’t constantly near you.  A sensitive can feel this energy when the spirit “arrives”.  It can be a smooth, slow rising of the normal energy in the room to a strong burst that feels like someone punched you. There can be demon attachments but demons get bored with the living usually pretty quick.

Lesser or “Worker” Demons-  These are demons who have the energy to effect the living.  These lesser demons are the ones doing the actual work, finding those to possess, helping create opportunity.

Possession A-  A possession is NOT always by a demon.  A normal spirit can possess a living person.  It doesn’t happen as often as TV would like you to believe because most horrible acts are still mostly committed by the living.  There are spirits who loved living so much that when they pass away they either do not understand or they just want to continue and have garnered enough energy to, at a low moment, over take a living person.  Displacing the livings own soul, not removing it but displacing it inside it’s own body.   Displacement is usually done by a spirit NOT a demon.

Soul Displacement-  Have you ever known a person for a long time and suddenly that person changes, does a complete 180.  That could be soul displacement and that usually happens at the time of a horrible accident where the person should have died but didn’t.  Whenever a person has had an experience where they should have died and didn’t but is not behaving like they did before, Displacement should be looked at.  The person’s soul is still intacted it’s just “moved over”. A sensitive can help find out who has displaced the person and assist in removing the spirit, it’s finding out who the spirit is that’s sometimes rough.

Possession B- A B type possession is something that is not very common, B Type is when a living person actually gets the attention of a demon.  Demons are looking for strong willed/minded living.  They also take control when the living is at the lowest point, when you are mentally/physically drained.  Unable to defend yourself from any sort of attack/possession.

When people talk about demonic activity it’s usually an imp.  Imps are capable of creating “static” in the area.  The static disjoints you, makes you feel light headed or off balance. As stated above, Imps are handymen, they are created by either a true demon or witch to do their biding, which is almost always to annoy.

A true demon doesn’t waste time on most of the living and I firmly believe true demonic activity can/is usually turns out to be some other form of activity.  Doing things like Ouija board, casting stones, spells and calling the spirits can open portals, usually not portals to hell but portals for something to enter.  Think of it as opening a door and a gust of wind slams it shut.  Once you open that door you better know how to pull it open again.

Spirit calling is something that is very dangerous.  There are several lower level demons that can do harm.  Calling demons (or spirits) is something you never want to do.  It’s not all fun and games, when that demon or spirit appears you better have a game plan because if for a second that demon or spirit thinks you are wasting it’s time you’re toast.  You have allowed that demon to get the upper hand and in spirit calling YOU have to be strong enough to remain in charge until that demon or spirit has done what you ask and you banish it back.  It’s not a funny party trick, you can get hurt and so can others.

You can NEVER call a spirit/demon and leave it to roam.  Shaman/Witches/A Sensitive who can call spirits ONLY call them to answer questions.  Who, What, When, Why.  Once you receive the information you are asking for you must release the spirit back to where you called it from and this is a very dangerous process.  You never do it alone, you never try to arouse someone doing a calling and you never leave the person alone.

In general I tell people to NEVER try spirit calling.  If a demon sees the opportunity they just may take it.
Still the true demon is few and far between.  Most supposed demon activity can be drawn down to something else going on.  I’ve had paranormal investigators ask me what I think and there are many varibles, and many questions you must ask, demonic activity should always be looked at as a last resort.

If you think you have a demon, document what is going on, get pictures, video, write it out.  Make sure to include dates so an investigator can correlate to full moons or other possible things going on.  Be honest, if you were using a Oujia or some other casting device or if you were trying to call something tell what you were doing.  Be as descriptive as possible because if someone has to go in to clean up your mess they will need to know every step you took, kind of like walking through a mind field, you always want to step in the person’s footsteps before you, unless they end then you’re on your own, if the footprints end something blew up.