The human type Berserker is known from Norse legends.  The soldiers who would work themselves into such a frenzy they just killed.  Soaked in blood and half dead themselves they would keep going.

Paranormal Berserkers are sort of them only they are spirits.  They can be spirits from psych patients whose energy was so messed up they died insane.  That energy just remains chaotic.

The feeling one gets from the chaotic spirit is one of flashes of energy. Like that of a lighting strike, fast and furious and that’s the way it’s suppose to be.  That’s how the human berserkers got their name. There are also legend of berserkers who can change form, they work themselves up so much they can change into a wolf.

That is what’s know as a Mental Shifter.  Now, there are several forms of shifters out there.
The paranormal is a lot deeper than any TV show glosses over. It can be a very dangerous place and once you see one of these shifter do their work or watch berserkers energy flow through a location you might think nothing can scare you.

You’d be wrong……..

Mental Shifter is someone who can throw energy in your direction and make you see what they see. It’s a pretty awesome thing to do, learn but it takes a hard shell, the energy can throw you off balance quite a bit.

There are Shape Shifters, people who you see as human one moment and another form the next.  They aren’t actually changing form but allowing you to see who/what they are in spirit form.  This is what a true demon uses to mask what they are.  True demons use this tactic and usually appear as a small child, something innocent to gain your trust.

The types of berserker varies as well.  You can have just the energy the living expels from being in such an insane state that they are just berserk.

There is the pure energy that is known as a berserkers.  Now this is just, again a chaotic spirit who just passed away because that is usually when the berserk energy happens.

Then there is what a Witch/Warlock can throw at you, there are several different types of Chaos energy.  They can call a Chaos sprite, something that can be found all over Europe.  Or just your plain old Chaos spell.  This spell makes you feel like you are out of it, off balance.  You can not figure out why you just feel like shit.

This spell can only last a short amount of time and is usually used to throw someone off and forget they came in contact with a witch/warlock or saw them doing something, like shift.

A chaos spell should actually never be used against the living, it can cause heart attacks, mental breaks and other side effects.  The Chaos spell is firmly to dispatch a naughty or evil spirit. It causes an energy break within the spirits energy.  When used properly you may actually see something akin to lighting.  It will be fast bursts of light, disorganized so not in balls/orbs, although a witch can throw balls of light.

These are things, if you are a true sensitive must learn to work through and they are all possible not only in your daily contacts with the living but anytime you walk into a location.