I have to say it really bothers me that some in the paranormal field want evidence so much that they miss the little things.  The little things like how language is used in other parts of the world, not everyone speaks like an American.  In fact American English is very different from British English much like King’s Spanish is very different from Mexican Spanish not to mention all the varying dialects in every city in the UK & Europe.  In the US we have accents which I guess could be our dialects.

I’ve spent a lot of my life traveling & living in different parts of the world so when I say they speak and use different syntax & ways of presenting with words, I mean it.  That is often the most difficult part of traveling, trying to understand what the other person means to say sometimes using the same words.

Now, I really feel when you are in the paranormal field and you are traveling to other countries you need to be aware of how the spoken word was used relevant to the time & location you are investigating.  It does no one good if you present a 12th century German Castle asking questions in American English when American English hadn’t even come to use yet.

The same goes for presenting an EVP capture from a Fort built in the early 19th century presenting an American used contraction in an American sounding accent no less.

Knowing how vocabulary, accent, etc.. in certain times and locations should be a huge part of the paranormal investigators bag of tricks and by tricks I mean faking an EVP.  IF you are going to try to fake an EVP at least try to use words, phrases of words that would have actually been in use at the time not to mention someone who has the correct sounding accent.

I will for argument sake present Fort Horsted that was featured in an episode of Ghost Adventures.


The EVP supposedly captured said, “they’re not doing this.” And while contractions date back to Old English there is no translation available for the word, as it was formed from Nordic.


They’re used in Middle English- Not used, http://www.nativlang.com/middle-english/middle-english-grammar.php

They’re used in Early Modern English- not used http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Early_Modern_English

Does that mean that someone using that Fort in the 19th century didn’t know how to use contractions, no but it may mean that the contraction for They Are was not in use in England at the time and was considered not correct use of grammar. And the first use of the contraction is not listed in a dictionary until 1979.  Was it actually being used before that in the UK, who knows, it would have been considered bad grammatical form to do so.  Would someone in the military use bad grammatical form during battle, maybe, we all use bad grammatical form at times.

What I’m ultimately pointing out is while watching paranormal “reality” shows take into account what is presented in an EVP and the location and time period. Question if a word or phrase would have even been in use at the time.  I’m in no way saying the EVP was faked but it could easily have been, with the use of modern technology and iPad/iPhone apps really, anything is possible. IF the contraction They’re was used during the early 19th century I could not find it spoken about.

Just some things to think about when watching.