So, I have gotten pretty used to seeing the dark/black entities who peek out from around corners and the occasional one who will try to stand in front of me and challenge me but last night was super weird.

I was coming home from work and what had been a very quiet night turned upside down I an instant when a women who’d been stabbed in the neck by her boyfriend came in.  Well, On the drive home I turned into our parko (Italian for group of houses) and movement drew my eye to the right side of the car as I slowly went around the corner toward the house.

It was a black mass, but this wasn’t just a mass of black or darkness this looked like it was a flowing cape, like it was riding something but there was nothing under it.  It was just flying.  It came up and over the one group of houses, dipped down into the dry lake area used for overflow in winter and back up over the next group of houses.

I’m not sure what it was doing.  The woman in the ER survived so, what this mass was doing flying around the area is really weird.

But over the last month I’ve seen more than the share of black masses/entities I want to see.  Since the construction company has started digging/building for the new homes on the court side of the parko.

Seeing this didn’t scare me, I more wanted to get out of the car and see if it came at me but it being after midnight in a bad hood, I didn’t want to get out.

Now, that said black masses and entities aren’t always demons.  It usually signals negative energy
and this mass was one hell of a lot of negative energy.  Had this thing looked at me with red eyes I would have been out of the car like a flash, even in a war zone.