As an empath I experience a lot of things on a daily basis.  Some of that stuff is silly, funny, sad, weird or just down right sadistic & mean.

A Zozo demon is something that I had a brush with years ago on one of my many travels.  I have seen/heard about what is referred to As, “The Zozo House” story, I reserve judgement because you do not simply call a Zozo demon by simply using a Oujia board. So, yes I am saying there are holes in the story.

Calling a primordial demon is not easy, it’s not a party trick, it’s not fun and games.

Now that I’ve established what it’s not, what is it.

I had my brush with a Zozo demon many moons ago while on a trip to Africa.  I went the with the specific intent of seeing the priests conjure one in a HooDoo ritual.  A friend said he knew of some priests who could do it if I really wanted to put myself in that position, hell yes I did and I jumped at the chance.

It was a four hour ride by jeep to the tribe and I kind of felt I might end up in a pot by days end it was so far out.  I didn’t but what I came away with was something that changed that way I live my life.
I am no longer afraid of death and I say that not only because of the brush with Zozo but because  I have almost died three times.

I was in Africa on a medical mission and I’ve been to many far flung locations with an OB/Gyn I used to work for.  I always took the opportunity to learn about the culture of the place we were.  I got to see a real VooDoo ritual in Haiti and in New Orleans.  I have gotten to witness a real Santeria ritual in Brazil, I’ve seen Satanic and Vampire rituals.  But being in Africa I made it a point that I wanted to see this ritual, I now admit it was probably a mistake.  Am I afraid I will incur some wrath of a Zozo, No!

Plain and simple from the way I was told a Zozo cannot touch me as I did not summon it (as with any demon). It can however wreak havoc on you because of the energy it carries when you are present for the calling ritual.  Zozo is what’s considered a Class one demon, meaning primordial,(predates man) created from the muck that made the universe.  These demons are very powerful and once unleased to do a person’s bidding, very dangerous.  If you do not understand how to control and re-contain it, it can cause a lot of havoc in the area it was summond to.

If you have read my blog about the various kinds of demons you notice there is no mention of Zozo, that’s because I tend to try to stir clear of a Zozo.

What does it feel like for an empath to be in the presence of a Zozo.  First off when I am in the presence of ANY spirit or demon I can feel anything from giddy and silly if it may be a child to downright feeling of pain, dying and being overwhelmed, it depends on the energy of the spirit.

While I sat on the dirt and straw floor of the priest’s hut the priests entered into what many call an “opening”, where you open yourself up to the spirit world.  As an empath I am always open, I can not close but I can block out energy.

They chanted, swayed, their eyes rolled up in their head. Nothing I hadn’t seen in VooDoo rituals so I wasn’t scared, yet.

It was when from the middle of said dirt floor a black blob appeared.  At first I thought, what the hell and rubbed my eyes, nope still there, I realized it was being brought up from the earth.  The air in the room got thick and smelled like someone had just dug a grave. That damp, musty smell of fresh dirt.

As they continued to chat, eyes rolled up, nothing but the whites of their eyes showed.  I started tingling, the hairs on the back of my neck and arms stood.  There was a palatable electricity in the air and the blob continued to grow.  It filled the space in the exact center of the room in front of the priest who was chanting.  Remember these are what’s known in the paranormal world as HooDoo priests.  They preform ancient rights and rituals.

The blob never actually formed into anything like a person. It was just a very large black blob that slowly swayed to the chanting of the priest, it looked like a huge blob of tar.  I felt sadness, hate, anger, despair all at once. Modern medicine would have told me I was having a nervous breakdown, tears rolling down my face, I was having trouble breathing.  If you have ever had a panic attack, that’s what it felt like.  The energy was just so massive, hateful, mean and undirected that it set off a panic attack.

The priest finally released the Zozo back to where it came and I was allowed to leave the hut but boy when I walked outside it felt like I had gotten electrocuted.  All the feelings at once, the massive amount of energy the Zozo carried was overwhelming.  It took me days to get control of myself.

I would cry at the drop of a hat, at nothing. I would start laughing suddenly. People probably thought I was just a crazy American.  It was not fun, I thought I was going crazy, I could feel every person’s emotions that I came into contact with.  It took me almost a year to be able to function normally again.

I do not and never will condone anyone coming into contact with that much energy.  Anyone who calls a Zozo without the knowledge and ability to banish it back is plain stupid and or has a death wish because there is a give and take when dealing with these demons, the priest doing the chanting was fourty-two years old, he looked eighty. Some will say it’s because they live in Africa and I will always attest to that it’s the demons.

I have learned how to call spirits but I will never learn or try to call a demon.  I’ve learned how to banish spirits and demons but I will never try to banish a Zozo.  Do I think that energy is still lurking around, of course.  Primordial energy is everywhere and Zozo is just waiting for someone dumb enough to call it out.

I will watch with detached anticipation as the Ghost Adventures tv show goes into the “Zozo Demon House”.  I know Zak Bagans had a terrible time afterward, All I can say to him (and others) once you are exposed to that kind of energy, it knows you are there and is always around, be careful what you wish for from now on.