Growing up in a house where spirits come, a demon lurks and sometimes you just wish you could run away isn’t easy.

I found you can’t run away, spirits always find you.  Maybe not the same ones but spirits none the less will find you. There were three instances of the demon making an “offer”.

A sexual offer, an offer to kill someone, which as it turns out demons don’t have hands of their own so…..guess who has to do it for them.  I was laying on the couch one day, my mom was making dinner, brothers off in their room doing something.  This is the day I said I would learn to “push back”. I thought I’d learned enough to handle it, boy was I wrong.

Watching some early 80’s afternoon comedy there was this voice, “You need an axe”.  I looked around thinking one of my brothers where messing around and hiding behind the couch.  Nope, no one there.

By this time I had gotten used to questioning every voice I heard because there were so many, always whispering, talking, asking.  As I sat looking around, again, in my ear coming from behind me, “You need to get the axe”.  I didn’t even now if we had an axe much less where it would have been, damn demon.

Now, just to say.  I knew nothing, never heard of Amityville or the horror that went on there, had reall paid attention to the Lizzy Borden house/murder.  I never really paid attention to stuff like that.  I was always into Sci-Fi stuff, paranormal was something I just had to deal with on a daily basis.

I stood up, looking around.  Saw mom in the kitchen like nothing going on.  I looked in on my brothers as they were listening to music, oblivious to me even coming into the hall.  I went and stood in the doorway of the kitchen, looking at my Mom with this weird look on my face (she said).  She asked me what was wrong.  I asked her, “You didn’t hear that?.(Something I would always ask her).

She said she hadn’t and asked me what I heard.  I told her and she told me to sit down and proceeded to tell me of her own experience being told the exact same thing.  I found a couple years later both my brothers had been told the same thing.  Thankfully none of us ever acted on it.

In my research I came across the Amityville case, The Lizze Borden case, Which I still pretty much ignore because I feel she did it but it was a case of possession.  For some reason the Amityville case jumped out at me and I found/read Hans Holzer’s book. And I came across the Bobby Mackey case, which I will discuss later, Bobby Mackey’s is, well let’s just say I’d need an army to return to.

So my foray into demon chasing had begun.

I never did know if my Dad ever saw or was told anything and that’s a whole other thing because I believe that old man who tipped his hat at me that first day, possessed my dad (more on that later). I would really love to sit with the murderer from the Amityville house, hear the story of what really happened from his own mouth.

I didn’t win by not doing what the demon wanted.  I still haven’t “won” anything.  What I did was question the voice, I questioned the entity and well, they don’t really like that.

The next time I got an offer was when my dad was in the hospital for open heart surgery.  I was running on the treadmill and over the sound of music coming from my headphones I heard the entity again.  Needless to say it had gone silent for a number of years so it scared the hell out of me and I almost fell off the treadmill.

The entity asked if there was anything he could do. I’ll admit I wasn’t in a frame of mind at that point to say anything but I remember thinking (and to this day should regret)and I mean I only thought it…That my dad could live a lot longer.  He did, he should have died on the table but to the doctor’s amazement (his words) he didn’t.

NOW…I am not saying the demonic entity had anything to do with that BUT….the general census from all doctors my Dad ever saw after that was, “Reading your chart I thought someone was playing a joke and you were dead”.   Never a nice thing to say to a living person but that’s what they would say.  He survived twenty-four years.  He made it into several medical journals as a result because they firmly believed he should not have been alive and yes I know that happens every day but…..the kicker..

I had not seen that old man again since the first day moving into the house.  Three days after my father passed away that same old man was standing peering into the kitchen window watching my mother reading at the kitchen table……..As soon as I saw him I hugged my mom and told him, eye to eye to go away.  The downright most creepy fu*king thing I have ever done in my life….stare down a demon.

Almost that same night things started attacking my Mom.  Cabinet doors flying opening and hitting her in the head.  Stuff flying from the medicine cabinet at her.  It was all directed toward her, I saw it and not much I could do because it would stop but as soon as I left for work or something it would do it again.  So we moved…..and it wasn’t long, because you can run but you can’t hide.