Some children see spirits.  Most parents think it’s just a faze, they’ll grow out of seeing monters in the closet or under the bed.

What if your child sees spirits because they can help the dead move on?

Children tend to see spirits more than adults because they are open to questioning what they see.  Adults rarely question, a shadow is just that, a shadow.  There is no way it can be a ghost/spirit or even a demon.

If your child is talking to “people” you don’t see ask questions.  Like this parent have them draw what they are seeing and how they see the “person”.  How do you approach the questions and what do you ask?

1.  Approach the child believing they ARE seeing something.

2. Ask the child, what’s your friend’s name?

3. Ask, What does your friend look like?

4. Ask, you child to draw their friend for you.

Don’t ever tell your child they have a problem, that they aren’t seeing it.  Be supportive of the process they could very well be a sensitive and are being visited for a reason.  Sure, that monster under the bed could just be a stuffed animal/toy that fell under there but don’t make it bigger than it is and don’t try to write it off by trying to convince them they aren’t seeing it.

You can also try to find a sensitive who can come to the house and assist in finding out what may be going on.