As a kid my Mother taught me how to meditate in order to remain calm on airplanes as we traveled a LOT and were on and off planes quite a bit, some places weren’t as hospitable as the USA.

I have always known about astral projection and have even experienced it several times in my life.  That’s because the meditation it takes to get your astral body or energy to leave the physical body is a tough nut to crack and it’s always said anyone attempting to reach the astral plane should never be woken or touched in anyway because if you somehow break the tether to the physical body the spirit dies.

I recently had the weirdest experience.  There has only been one person (who shall forever remain nameless I doubt he knows who he is) that has appeared to me in astral form and it was done as an experiment to see if I could do it. I saw that all that is said about seeing someone on their astral form is in fact like time stands still for a spilt second, and a second for a peek is all you get.

I was at work last week and it was a rather busy night, I wasn’t thinking about too much and mind you you can not enter into the astral plane while wide awake so……keep that in mind.

I came around the corner and for a spilt second all time stopped.  I could not hear or see anything but this person standing at the counter, looking directly at me ( I will never tell who it was).  I could not move and it felt like I had been enveloped in some sort of extremely calm energy.

I can not tell you how fast this was, within the blink of an eye it all stopped and this person was gone. No, I am not in the least bit crazy.

My question is now, can the living astral project to “see” what they want to.  I have been told if you want an answer and meditate on it.

Just one of the weird things people involved in the Occultist world can do and I say that because everyone I have met who can do this was an Occultist.