There are those in this world who are indeed very strange people, I call them empaths.
They are kind of like Deanna Troi from Star Trek, they can feel emotions from others.

I found out I was empathic at ten.  I would go to the mall and “hear” all these people “talking”, I would “hear” people “crying”, I stopped going to the mall for years, I feared (and still do) crowds and crowed places.  I prefer and have learned to do things alone because dealing with other peoples emotions makes things harder.

The hardest place I EVER worked was a vet’s office.  I could feel the emotions from the animals, HATED IT would be an understatement. I was an emotional wreck every single day, and to some point pretty sure I still carry those scars. Of course working in an ER or hospital is just as bad, the ER was where I learned how to shut everyone out.

I eventually learned how to close myself to others “feelings” so If we ever meet and I don’t shake your hand please don’t take it personally.

There are times I will open myself up, first dates are always fun.  You can really tell if the guy is just out for a one night stand & sometimes you can know what he’s gonna say before he says it.  I know it makes me creepy to do that but I figure why waste my time….it’s probably why I’m not married and usually date for sex, which even sex is hard because you FEEL the other person.  Now, if you are with the right person it’s a fantastic experience that can freak out those who do not understand it’s not a party trick and this is 24/7/365.

I use this empathic ability to investigate the paranormal and the sensitive part for listening to the living.

1. You rarely walk into a location knowing who you will be “talking” with.

2. There could be other spirits around who want to talk.

3. There could always be something dark lurking in the shadows just waiting for the opportunity to get ahold of an open empath.

4.  Turning it off isn’t an easy process however, turning it on is easier.

Being an empath and sensing spirits isn’t only about feeling the static in the air or the environment change.  You can (if taught) hear them before they come up and hit you.  You can hear them from far away coming at you because it will sound like a very low rumble off in the distance and the sound gets louder and the air gets heavier, your head will start to spin, the pressure on top of you gets heavier, feeling as if you are being pushed down or in some cases it could feel like a panic attack coming on or even heart attack like symptoms.

Being an empath is a rough life, it is not easy and there will always be those that either think you’re full of shit, even when you tell them something no one other than them could possibly know, Or that you are a walking, talking party trick.  I really advise people who are empathic not to use it like a party trick and be very careful who you allow into that experience because others energy can effect you.

A good empath is constantly cleansing to keep the dark/negative energy away, it’s a frame of mind more than sage & crystals (but they don’t hurt).