Ok, so you wanna be a ghost hunter.  What’s the first thing you do?

Spend a few hundred on a spirit box? Buy some rem pods? Get that cool new computer program that shows spirits in stick figure. (which is actually pretty cool) and break into the local, about to be demolished nut house.

Sure all of the electronic equipment in the world can help you verify, record and show spirit activity or an actual spirit. Orbs, Mists, cold spots (if you want to invest something like 1,900 to 20k on a thermal).  Better make sure you add lots of extra batteries to the list because most of that equipment can get sucked dry quick enough.

I always like to tell people, if you can’t get in touch with your feelings then you aren’t going to catch spirits, period.  Because there is nothing that can gage a room like YOU.

Your body can detect the temperature changes in a room much faster, easier than any thermal imaging camera, the camera is just the product by which you show proof. But there are other ways your body detects spirit activity.

Your eyes can actually adjust to the darkness enough to make out shadows, movement. The hair on your arms/neck is a long standing way of sensing electrical changes in a location.

I’m a firm believer that you do not need all the fancy stuff to hunt.  All you really need are the guts to make it through the night in some locations.

You need the guts to use your body.  I’m not all for allowing the spirits to use your energy in order to manifest because there are ways you can get them to without that and the reason is, you can end up severely drained and unable to fight off a demon if one is hanging back.  Demons will usually use lower spirits to get hold of you.  Once you allow these lower entities to take control, they sap the energy so you can not fight back, thus allowing the demon or other entity to take hold. I’ve seen the Ghost Adventures Crew and several small paranormal groups do this on more than one occasion.

I personally use the old fashioned stuff.  Crystals, Oils, Salt, Sage, spells, chants, depending on the type of spirit you are looking for.  I even have a spirit box.  I use a twenty dollar homedics sound maker from Wal-Mart set on white noise and I’ll tell you, I HAVE gotten some pretty good EVPs from it.  Although, I must admit I’d love to use a spirit box, seems so much easier to tell what’s being said.

How does the old stuff do the job?

Well, you are pretty much relying on your body as your number one tool and I advocate learning how to use your body because when push comes to shove your body/mind is what’s going to take the beating.

I will always stand by the fact that in the real world of the paranormal it is not like tv and you need to know how to defend yourself.  An exorcism isn’t always going to work and it should be one of the last things you try because in a true possession an exorcism can kill someone.  Make friends of the Witches/Warlocks, The Satanists, The God Fearing, like the old saying goes, keep your friends close but your enemies closer, the demon is your enemy and all the fancy equipment in the world will only document your ass kicking.