I’ve seen some pretty weird things in my life and the other day, in broad daylight I saw another.

This is a rough sketch of what I saw. Behind my house is a five foot line between fences. The house being built behind us is not yet finished and no one is living in it, the fence posts had just been put in and because of rain not a living person was working there.

I was in my kitchen, something caught my eye and when I looked I saw this (above).

Now, knowing that our wood fence is 6 feet high, the shoulders of this were at the top of the fence while the long neck and head with a black hat was at least three feet above that, making it NINE FEET tall.

It was all black, black hat as well and moved very slowly through the area between the fences. As I watched it, it never looked at me and upon reaching the middle of the neighbor’s fence it vanished.  I have not seen it again but it leaves me wondering just what the hell it was and if it is still lurking around and I have just not seen it.

I did hit up Amy Adams about this and she could at this time not shed any light on what it may/may not be so anyone reading this blog, if you have any ideas please send them on.
Photo of the back fence for reference as to height.