I’m sure this will piss off some people, but I’ve had it with all the bull shit and the way some people are treated.

It’s funny, back when I got involved in the paranormal everyone was pretty much on their own.

There were no “conventions”, gatherings, signings, event management companies, no TV shows, No real books were written.  Most of the ones you could find are considered today case studies.  You took investigations to learn, those who were in the field did so because they had a genuine desire to help those having paranormal experiences and to learn.

Today it’s about getting a TV show, selling out conventions, getting the right amount of twitter followers to get noticed by producers in order to get interest in your ideas. There are some TV personalities that make 12 thousand dollars to appear at a gathering. Honestly there is no one in the paranormal field worth 12 thousand dollars for an hour of their time and sit and listen to stories about filming their tv show. Then there is the, “you are only allowed in if you know someone club”.  Shit I was rolling knee deep in stuff that would make these people cringe before I was 21, they may not believe it but not my problem.

There is the seedy part of the paranormal, I was at one convention and some girls where wearing t-shirts that said parawhore, while funny inside the community not so much if someone needing help sees it.  There is a “casting couch” of sorts, rumors that certain investigators”pick up chicks on twitter”. Well, really that is nothing new and not all that shocking actors have been using the internet since it’s inception, even George Clooney used to have a facebook page he would use.

Then there are the fans, as rabid, demented, over protective of someone they never met as they are they are who really gets the shows on.  Some in the field have forgotten that, or have they.  Most know how to play the fans to get numbers up.  Like The Ghost Adventures Crew.   Playing Twitter every Saturday, re-tweeting and pretending the fans matter all in order to keep the numbers.  99% of all fans will either never tweet anything nor will they get an answer/re-tweet back.

I have watched Twitter in recent months and there are some pretty evil, nasty people who do pretty evil, nasty things to others all in the hopes they get the attention of people who just don’t care.  After the show airs you are nothing more than an annoyance to them, someone they have to deal with in order to keep their status quo.  The trappings of getting a TV show I suppose.

There are fans who create 20-30 or more twitter accounts in order to constantly tweet their favorites because they think it is attention if they get an answer, it’s an obligation.  I have seen/heard some tweet they are dying, they have breast cancer, they have a sick kid, they make up videos they are going to kill themselves all in order to get attention from these “paranormal investigators”.  When they don’t get it what happens?  Is it fair to ignore them for the teenagers, the pretty girls/guys, the easy questions, the one word responses? Is it fair to answer them and hope it isn’t bull shit attention seeking on their part.

If fans are nothing but an annoyance maybe you shouldn’t be on a tv show, maybe you shouldn’t be selling your books, t-shirts, art work.  If it’s so hard for you to be nice to those who put you in the position you are in maybe it’s time you find a new job because acting isn’t for you.  It pains me to see what some will go through for the one word tweet response.  They will go so far as to go to a site like The Dirty and post other fans home addresses and phone numbers because that fan got a re-tweet or a photo with the person they want attention from, I really do not know how those like Zak Bagans deals with the constant barrage of crazy, annoying, bizarre behavior/requests, he should be hiding in a cave by now. I saw it up close, it was insane, you would think he was a Beatle.

I guess both sides are to blame for what goes on it’s like damned if you do and damned if you don’t.  At some point it’s all going to come falling down.  Not sure there is anything that can change the course today’s paranormal community is on, we can all blame SyFy for signing Ghost Hunters but that’s not really the issue, the issue is how once you are a paranormal celebrity you handle those who helped get you where you are.  From the fan’s side, I doubt it will ever change, if you aren’t friends with people you don’t really matter, you are nothing more than numbers in a rating system that decides if they continue getting paid.

I’m not saying fans should stop watching because it’s a good thing the paranormal is so mainstream now.  Those who experience it aren’t so afraid to talk about it and ask for help although it might be best if you don’t ask those on TV some will never answer or give you direction. There have supposedly been breakthroughs in proving the paranormal exists but on a TV show, no real research or papers have been presented just some film from tv, that through the magic of editing can be as fake as Marilyn Monroe’s mole.