Ok, here we go.  Season Ten of Ghost Adventures promised to start with a bang but it kind of fizzled.  The Bell Witch is such an interesting story in the history of Tennessee  and Zak Bagans and crew really tried to cover it.  I understand it’s a show about Ghosts and proving their existence don’t get me wrong and I understand it is just for entertainment, but I really think the whole show is being taken over by the equipment and experiments and at the chance of pissing off GA the word portal was used seven times.

The Bell Witch has been a staple of Tennessee lore since 1817 when John Bell spun a yarn about seeing a dog with a rabbit head and other fancy tales, until his death by black liquid.  The forensic part of me says his death was murder due to the black liquid because back in the day how hard would it have been to murder someone who was telling stories of a Witch and sounding crazy then blaming said witch for the death.

The fact that there are Indian burial sites on the property, a body was found, desecrated, moved and stolen, (the skull taken to the house), it’s not a very long line to someone pissed off at least one Indian.  I’m again going to point out usage/wording.  Back in the day they would not have used words like “big ole dose of that, I fixed him” is more someone out to get him would say.  It’s an awfully long time for a witch to stick around.  Witches usually do their dirty and leave.


I’ve been to The Bell Witch Cave and I believe it is not an actual witch but a pissed off native spirit, whose grave was moved then desecrated and was/is haunting the property,  Find the skull & bones and put it back.  Aaron admitted to taking a rock from the cave.  Bad move, you need to send that back because even if you have the permission from the current owner you DO NOT have the permission of the spirit and that is who is going to come after you.

A barn with a cross on it, really signals you are in a bad place but crosses do nothing to quell Native spirits, they don’t/never did believe in that stuff, that was a white man’s religion.


Now the real funny part is, someone called Zak a sissy and no one heard nor did they tag it as a crew member talking so……they may have actually caught something.  At 17 minutes in, as Zak is opening the door to go upstairs, listen very close.  In an thick southern accent it’s there, Sissy.  If you have ever heard the old, thick Kentucky/Tennessee accents.  Interesting, I doubt GA will ever point that out as being found.


Other words captured by the SB7 in the house,


Careful- to this word there was a discernable british accent, listen closely. The same with “You May”.

There was also the word Beast, when Aaron asked what was there.

In the cave the phrase “Listen to me” was captured, sounding more like it was a plea of some English speaking spirit.  The light movement looked more like a walking spirit moving along the wall, you can make out something that looks like the shape of a person, legs and shoulders, the black shadow on the ground, it being a cave could have been a small animal.  Rocks being thrown, the pig grunts sounded more like a frog and a moan pretty much wrapped what happened while using a human as a trigger object.


As for the lockdown, the infrasound and flickering rods were interesting but got nothing really, flickering rods do not prove a portal exists.  If you know that by flooding a room with sound waves and/or magnetic energy that the magnetic energy will make you feel “off” it might make you feel more at ease when it happens instead of getting more worked up over what’s happening.  It will cause your body to bounce off center.  Making you feel emotional, tired, weak, what you witnessed happening to GA will happen.   They created the energy and with no real science it becomes a wash.  There needs to be a lot more study, experimentation in this kind of thing before there is any real evidence it works.

Now for the FLIR meditating, who really meditates standing up.  Getting in touch with your inner self for a few moments by closing your eyes and taking a few deep breaths is great, but it being a stone wall in the middle of the night it was probably colder than Aaron’s body of course so again…questionable on that level then add in the fact that different stones retain heat/cold more or less than other stones you probably have matrixing.  As for the feelings of a panic attack coming on was more than likely the fact they were in a very small, dark space.  The fact that the cave walls are varying sizes and jut out at points and you have no discernable light can make it feel like the space is getting smaller.

The ball of light, can’t really say much of anything about that, but the words, “Here I/They come”…maybe something, I heard They, possibly a spirit telling others they, Zak & Aaron were coming.

The fact that it is an Indian burial site that has been desecrated for monetary gain, it has running water nearby, stones made up of who knows what, limestone possibly,  lends the question could it possibly support some sort of vortex?,  who knows, could our mind tell us it’s a vortex/portal when in fact what the eye is seeing is a spirit just dissipating from view.

The sad fact about the Bell Witch Cave is, something happened on the Bell property almost 200 years ago.  The question is, was it a Native American Indian Chief, killed for his tribe’s land.  An actual Witch who cursed the property/family or was John Bell Murdered.

Next Week, The Sallie House in Atchison, KS  Travel Channel Video below,