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So back in the day I had heard about The Sallie House and while on a trip cross country with some friends in an RV we stopped there.  It was a time where I, knowing I was an Empath wanted to experience it in every haunted location I could find and then some.  Yeah, pretty stupid I say today, pretty stupid back then because I put myself in some pretty bad situations.

The Sallie House was the second place I had refused to go.  Not because I got violently ill like outside Bobby Mackey’s Music World but because when we walked up to the house I saw it.  Standing in the upstairs window looking out on the group of people about to enter.  It was not that of a little girl as many have professed to seeing.  It was just a dark shadowy mass and it was enjoying the attention.

After some coaxing from my friends I made it just inside the front door.  The energy was akin to static electricity, but constantly moving static electricity.  I quickly became jumpy, nervous, fearful, shivering cold, foggy, all the things that pointed to the entity trying to hide it’s true self.  It is in no way a little girl but it is not a demon either.


It is something placed there, probably by native americans to watch over the land.  The local cemetery was probably part of native land as well at some point. The supposed Satanist who lived in the house probably called it up, now it is protecting but also using the energy of those going to the house.  It can show itself as what it wants, even show itself as what you want to see.

As a card carrying member of The Church of Satan and having many friends (including Anton LaVey’s daughter) who are members I take offense to all these Ghost Hunters lumping Satanists in with crazies who think Satanism tells to sacrifice, read the damn book and comprehend what you’re reading.  Nowhere does the real church of Satan nor Satan himself even in the bible state anyone must sacrifice, that was God so get the story straight!  Hate me all you want but comprehend what you read. Be knowledgeable of all sides before assigning blame. No, I am not a Satanist. Today I consider myself, after many years of study in religion I consider myself a Luciferian.


That said, Zak forgive me, but again Portal was used only four times this week.  Can’t wait to see how many times the Ghost Hunters use it when they return LOL And that statement in no way means I do not believe portals do not exist.

I had a few problems with this episode.  Yes, there is an energy in the house but what is it.

Anissa, ok may be a psychic/medium but she is far to young to have been put in a situation she could not deal with, period.  If she truly knew or felt what was there experience would have told her to back off, protect yourself by not being open or leaving.

There are times when I watch these shows and meditate during, to try to hone my empathic skills by allowing myself to be open to what was going on. It’s interesting when it works.  Last night it worked. I’m not saying it was anything from the Sallie house that attacked me but, three scratches, getting zapped constantly, like someone was touching me with a live wire, cold chills, it worked.

What Tony and his family experienced is about the same as I grew up experiencing on an almost daily basis.  The lights turning on and off, sounds, noises, banging, three knocks at the door, finding doors/drawers open, laughter, seeing the spirits appear and disappear.  I feel sorry for those who must endure it and get no help.

As for what was captured this episode, Wow.  The bear was a hit, although I think I missed the spinning.  The banging, batteries going dead, footsteps, Zak’s feeling of fear in the hall is from the constant exposure to the static energy.  Now, the biggest thing I saw was a dark mist like shadow move across in front of the chair in the upstairs room.  I’m not sure what Zak and Aaron were doing at the bottom of the stairs and not sure if the shadow on the wall may have belonged to one of them but the dark mist was something else.   The female voice Zak heard in the basement, I heard as, “Please come over”  Now with the feelings of his deepest fear it’s kind of easy to say it was an invite to cross over.  I would not be surprised if Zak had had either dream or thoughts of suicide/death days or weeks after leaving the house.

I always say, call me I’ll jump in the deep end.  Some of the places I’ve gone and things I’ve dealt with over the years, try to scare me.

Next Week:  Nopeming Sanatorium


Ghost Adventures travels to Duluth, MN, where they become the first paranormal team to investigate the Nopeming Sanatorium, where thousands of lives were lost to tuberculosis.