This week’s Ghost Adventures was…….interesting.  I personally felt heaviness, sadness, my chest was constantly heavy and I felt like I needed to have a deep cough.  It was weird.

I have obviously never been to Nopeming, would I go, not sure.  There were some strange feelings watching this one. Like there was more going on there than just TB patients. Of course it being Native land it could cause it to be a little confusing in a read but….

Zak had a funny moment. Getting wrapped up in wires hanging from the ceiling he didn’t see.  Yes, ok while funny in hindsight it’s never funny in the dark when it’s happening.  Thanks for the giggle Zak.  He also used Twitter during the show to give away three signed copies of his fourth coming second book, “I am Haunted”  due February 5th but I’ve seen 10th as well so check Amazon if you want one.

Excerpt Here:

As an empath who has worked in Emergency room/hospital settings almost all my life it is difficult to walk into an abandoned one knowing the kinds of things that happen in them.  Old Sanatoriums are especially difficult because we now know what went on in most and those things are more horrible then any horror movie because it shows what humans are capable of doing to other humans.


It seems in this episode that Zak is trying to open himself more to the possibility that he may be an empath, we all are to some extent just some learn to hone the gift, ok in some cases nightmare. (I would have to shake his hand to know personally)

In the tunnel the shadow was creepy but even more so was the fact the thing sounded like it was going to come crashing in on Billy.  The new experimental piece I did hear something come through, very faintly, “hear me”.  There is a large amount of what I believe to be residual energy there, obviously.  While Zak was upstairs I could hear faintly like the whole ward was alive.  Everyone talking at the same time.  The banging doors were to get attention but the voices are so faint.

When the guys got the EVP, “Told him” one of them were told something while there.  I of course do not know which of them or what it was but got the feeling he knows.

I do have to admit being an empath and having visited many haunted locations and helped many people with the paranormal I was getting ticked off watching the show because of the I don’t give a shit attitude about the spirits, Zak seems to be changing that.  Thank You for even trying to get the point across of not trespassing in these places.  Really if you have permission to enter do your research first, know what you might be facing.

Kudos again to Zak for at least trying to seem open to the fact he is an empath and starting to show he’s trying. As for Aaron, Aaron needs to I think just trust himself more, let it go carefully and get in touch.  He tries but the looks on his face, you can tell he’s scared because of course, you do not want to bring things home with you.  Jay is knowledgeable about the paranormal and needs to be put on spot more. Let him show what he can do.  Billy, Haven’t seen Billy try to touch anything so…..


Nopeming needs investigators to go in with a whole team and do a full read of the place.  Hey maybe Zak can go back and do a documentary, I’ve seen a lot of fans calling for more two hour specials.

At best the paranormal on TV is for entertainment and I think that should be kept in mind and anyone who knows me knows, I don’t believe it until I’m on a lockdown. Do I believe spirits exisit, if you’ve read my blog you bet your damn ass I do.  Things I’ve seen, touched, been touched by, the spirits I hear every night as I lay down to sleep, Just can’t explain how they are here or how I see and hear them, may never but the quest is the glory as a Native Chief once told me. It’s not for me to understand, it’s for me to listen.

And for those keeping score, Portal was only used once and by a Native American and it counts when he uses it because medicine men can open doors.

Next Week:  Apache Junction, The Goldfield Ghost Town ApacheJ

Ghost Adventures crew spend the night in the ghost town of Apache Junction, AZ. Zak Bagans tests new gas-detecting equipment in the mines, and Jay Wasley is utterly startled when he sees a man in a trench coat roaming through the town.

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