We all have issues, with personal things, relationships, work.  We all look for someone to understand the things we go through.

As an Empath we not only have to understand our own issues but those of the spirits who visit or find us.  I’ve gotten a lot of questions as to why I would be a member of The Church of Satan and well…….

I’m also a card carrying member of the Clergy, I can marry people in seven states. It started when I was a kid, at that time it was mostly at night when I would see/hear the spirits chattering away.  Some showing themselves and as scary as some think it would be I was only scared once.

Once my family and I moved back from the Phillippines and the same things happened there even at eight I started searching.  I actually went to church every Sunday so I went to one of the priests, he asked me all sorts of questions and one day while in congregation he caught me reciting the bishops Sunday sermon with no way in hell of knowing what he was about to say.

My dad was out of the country so mom went as I got called to the principal’s office.  I had no idea why, I tend to know what people might say before they ay it all my life, I don’t even pay attention or now I’m doing it.  So he told my mom they were going to try some things.  He splashed holy water on me, nothing.  He recited bible versus, yelling at times, nothing.  It didn’t effect me.  Why b/c I wasn’t possessed I had a gift, some call it a nightmare and depending on the level you can open yourself up the spirits that come though can be a nightmare.

At that point my issue was that the church was trying to fit round me into a square them so I bolted.  I quit going to church, I started searching book shops on the paranormal, occult, witchcraft.  I started searching for those who could teach me how to deal with and become better at it and explain what being an empath was.

I’ve said before, there were times I thought I was going insane.  I would go to the mall with friends and hear everyone’s emotions.  I would hear them chattering away to themselves about their lives.  The fact the mall was across the street from a hospital didn’t help, here come all the dead from there as well.  Trying to figure out how to tell between the living’s emotions and the dead’s quest for help was a real bitch, it’s not easy.

I have been down the road, through so many religions. Visited so many countries to learn not about how they worship the living but how they talk to the dead.  I admit to studying Satanism with all it’s animalistic traits.  I’ve studied Vampirism and all it’s sexuality.  I’ve gotten to know some great people who have differing ways of practicing what they believe.

I have over time/study become what has been dubbed a Luciferian, Luciferianism as a whole has no specific dogma to which its “followers” adhere. Rather, it is a deeply personal outlook with numerous variations ranging from the veneration of a literal deity and the practice of occultism to a secular set of principles, using mythological references as a form of symbolism and cultural tradition.

Today I can shake your hand and through the feelings you emit know what you are thinking.  It scares a lot of people because they find they can’t hide anything, they can’t play games.  I don’t usually tell you but another Empath might know.

I’m weird, I’m silly, and I no longer take things as serious as I once did.  I am rather hard for some to take simply because they don’t understand.