I have over the years talked to and counseled many experiencers of the paranormal and when you ask the correct questions you get the whole picture.  As an investigator you need to know how to ask the correct questions.

When someone says, this spirit is/has made me sick.  The question(s) you need to ask are,

How often do you communicate with the spirit?

How long do you communicate?

Do you allow this spirit to use your energy?

What do/are you using to communicate with the spirit?

From these simple questions you can gleen that, there is a huge possibility that the fact the experiencer is getting so wore down by this that they are becoming sick. It’s not really the spirit making them sick. It’s just that their body/system/energy is so used up that it has no recovery.  There have been times I feel I’ve been hit by a bus and the driver backed up to see what he hit.

If you partake of calling spirits, scrying without the proper knowledge not only are you harming the spirits that come through but you never know what is coming through nor how this can effect YOUR energy or how it will use it.  Of course there is also the fact of eating a proper diet, exercise mentally and physically.  You must always allow recovery after dealing with the spirit world.

Can spirits kill you, No BUT they can, have and do insinuate themselves into situations allowing them to take the opportunity.  For example, If you have been having paranormal experiences and while driving down the road, suddenly a spirit appears in front of you out of nowhere causing you to swerve and hit a light pole, you die.  Well the spirit took advantage of the situation. When dealing with the paranormal always be prepared.

They can however, hit, scratch, push, bite but this is more attention seeking than actually trying to harm you.  It takes SO much energy for a spirit to manifest itself in any way that it will lash out in the quickest it can such as scratching.  Do I believe that all scratches signal demon activity, no because it doesn’t.  As I’ve said before true Demons are few and far between the scratches are an entity trying to get your attention.

I always say, if you are going to be throwing stone at glass houses make sure no one can see in your windows.  I’m a huge advocate of taking a few hours a week to learn what you are dabbling in and I say dabbling because many of today’s paranormal investigators think they are going to be the next Ghost Hunters or Ghost Adventures and really do not give a crap about the Pandora’s Box that the network sets in front of them, fame actually does have it’s price and some entities carry a huge stick.