Dagot’ee, In the Apache language it means Hello.  When I was learning about various Native American Indian Tribes (I myself am part Cherokee) I went to Arizona and found an Apache Medicine man.  The Apache were nasty, sure no more so than the Mohicans or any other Native Indians fighting for their land at the time of the white man.


I went through Goldfield back when I was a teenager. At the time my uncle used to take my brothers and I and our cousins camping at Superstition Mountains.  For those living/born in Arizona it was no big deal. We spent the weekends running around chasing rattlesnakes and various other desert vermin.   I was always drawn to sitting and staring at the mountain and much like Sedona or Red Rock Canyon there is a sort of energy draw.  I later found out there is a curse on the mountain.  The Apache put one there so no white man could ever live on it and many have died looking for gold there.  When I was there Goldfield was nothing more than a ramshackle ghost town.  We even used to play Ghost Town, until the one day we were chased out of town by an older man with a white beard and black hat.

I was quite upset hearing he was still there.  He was what kids used to call an old coot.  We just thought he didn’t want any of us kids finding his gold. It being Arizona and people can open carry we made a run for it.

I go to Arizona quite often as family still live there. I’ve partaken of the Hon-Dah Pow Wow at the White Mountain Apache reservation, panned for gold, dug for stones, camped under the full moon.

This episode was, kind of weird in a way.  It stood alone really without Nick and for the first time viewers get a look at the new team. They get a look at the silly side of Zak, who by his account had the sexy cowboy swagger from wearing boots two sizes too small, as a female I feel for you. Zak seemed to be relaxed, kidding more, smiling more, it was nice to see.  Aaron was far more talkative than I’d seen him in a long time, his face lit up.  Billy seemed to be getting involved and enjoying it and Jay is just loving nerve center and getting out, he was actually investigating, he even witnessed a full figured apparition in a trench coat, hat and smoking. I won’t give away the hilarious thing that happened, let me just say the atmospheric gas sensor works.

AJ2AJ4 zak aaron

I was once told the spirits are not for me to understand, just listen.  As confusing as Zak stated he is it might be nice to see the team go back to the SB7 and Rem pods as much as other investigators hate it, I think communication is key. Not all the fancy equipment.


This episode was actually packed with tons of captures. From a Bat, the knocking, growling, footsteps, banging on the copper tub, the figure in a trench coat on the bordello’s second floor to Zak getting responses on rem pods.  Zak was working the second floor where they had heard the banging on the copper tub coming from and he did capture two voices, one a male who said “I’m Vic” and “Yeah”.  The other a female believed to be an ex-worker who was killed on the way to work one day who said, “Make it go” and I was hurt”.


There is an issue with the Unknown Prospector who is described as having a long white beard and black hat.  It is believed the bones which were dug up on the site may be his as the Q&A with the rem pods at the grave stone might indicate. As Zak asked pointed questions (love when he does that) the rem pods blinked a response, even the emergency light shut completely off.  I say the bones should be reinterred then have another Q&A.

Having been to Goldfield Mine several times I do think the place is haunted. Not only by those whose grave markers have long since rotted away in a potter’s cemetery but by the spirits of the Apache who fought to protect the land and those who died taking it.

With Ghost Adventures currently filming Season 11, that’s right they will be back for another season I hope they continue to grow as a team, never stop searching and have some super locations lined up.  I know I’ve been to many but I love seeing what others capture and how their experiences are compared to mine.

Next Week:

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