Strange title for a blog I know but I am often asked why I am so in-tune with the dead and I always say probably because I eat as clean as I can.  Meaning I cook for myself and rarely eat out.

I do not eat red meat, can’t stand the smell of raw meat anyway and red meat seems to be the worst smell.  Plus, all the recent research shows that red meat helps cause inflammation.  When I travel I never eat meat of any kind.  I will buy local fruit & veggies and eat them raw or if I’m in a hotel with a stove, cook them.

You ask, how does this help?

I have actually tested myself over the years and the better I ate, the fresher, cleaner I ate the better my abilities were.  The more processed, bad foods I ate the more “cloudy” I was.

I’ve heard this from many empaths over the years so there might actually be something to it.  I do have my favorite things, and I make most of the stuff I eat myself.  Things like Hummus, I make b/c well who wants to spend 4 dollars for something you can make for 1 LOL and I make various kinds/flavors.

I also usually juice fast on days I investigate for a client or days where I do sage cleansings, only lemon water.  I will blog about the uses of various old world items that are/were used by natives & in witchcraft for protection later.

I’m not really sure why eating healthy &/or clean increases the ability to sense spirits but it works so I stick with it and being healthy isn’t a bad thing.