I’ve been known to write the odd romance novel from time to time.  Below is an excerpt of one I’ve started, enjoy

The Haunting of Caroline Rae

It’s always said anything that starts like a firework fizzles and burns out quickly.  When I met Alexander Hansen there were sure as hell fireworks if twitter counts as fireworks.

Caroline Carson took a deep breath as she walked, for the last time out of the hospital she had worked for the last ten years.  It felt like she had been chained to that desk and kind of glad the new management let her and a bunch of her co-workers go.

Now, looking up at the moon, for the last time from the back parking lot she actually skipped across the bridge to her car, onto new things, the things she’d wanted to do for years and never had the time.

Caroline rolled over in the king size bed, cuddling to one of the pillows.  Mark, as usual wasn’t home.  Being a surgeon he was always on call.  The huge floor to ceiling windows let in just the right amount of morning light that made her want to just lay in bed and gaze out the window all day.

She hauled herself out of bed.  Pulled on the short silk robe Mark had bought her at Victoria’s Secret and padded her way to the kitchen.

Pulling her hair up into a ponytail Caroline leaned on the counter and looked around.  Nothing in this house was hers.  She had spent four years living with Mark and nothing spoke of her.  She made up her mind right there.  To move to her own place again and she knew exactly where she wanted to go.

Alexander Hansen pushed his suitcase up into the overhead bin, glad he had learned over the past ten years to travel with just a carry-on.  He tossed himself into his seat, pushed his ear buds into his ears and turned on his iPhone while the plane readied for take off.  Alex, as everyone called him, had to be in New York before his film crew to work on some pre-interviews for his tv show.

The special he was going to film was going to be a hit with all the interest in the paranormal.  It was something different, something fun and right up his alley.

Alex sat listening to his music and posting to twitter, there was actually someone online who just got him.  The stewardess was a fan so she didn’t say anything but smiled every time she pranced by.  Alex was tall, good looking and made for TV.  It was said he could actually talk his way out of a paper bag.

The black escalade came to a stop in front of the hotel.  Alex hopped out, grabbed his carry-on and quickly walked inside only to be shanghi-d into a photo-op with some fans that had showed up.  He smiled and wiggled his way toward the elevators, he just wanted to sleep.

Caroline stood in the doorway of her new one bedroom apartment in Las Vegas, looking around at all the boxes.  The stuff she had finally picked up from her parents garage.  Her mother was not concealing her happiness that she was finally over Dr. Mark.  She made no bones about letting Caroline know how she felt about his being so conceited and that she could do better in the boyfriend department.

The first thing Caroline had set up was her desk and computer space.   She didn’t need a dining room so she used that space and thought to herself, “Needs some shelves but it’ll do”.

After putting her bed frame together and getting it made she found herself sitting in front of her computer, Twitter open, scrolling staring out at the sunset thinking, he should be posting any minute, and as usual the first posting of the day sprang up, good morning love, from TheDarkLord.  Caroline with a start picked up her cell phone right as it rang, it was Daisy, her Hollywood friend.

“Hey Daisy, what’s up?” Caroline spoke softly into the phone.

“CC I might have a job for you. I promise it’ll be exactly what you need.  Be at my Vegas office at 10am tomorrow morning.  Gotta run, love ya”. and the phone went dead.

Caroline dressed in a brown mini skirt, tangerine silk blouse and her monolo blank gold scrappy sandals drove into the parking garage, Daisy had left her name at the gate.  She pulled her white jeep Cherokee into the visitors space, hopped out, smoothed her hair and took a deep breath.

Caroline hadn’t actually seen Daisy in over a year and was surprised to hear from her, She’s always busy traveling for her clients.

It really was no surprise Daisy had her own management agency now.  Not huge but stepping in the door Caroline was hit with the 8×10 photos of all her clients on the walls.

A young brunette smiled at her from behind a glass top desk.  “Can I help you”?

Caroline smiled back and softly replied, “I have an appointment with……”

She didn’t even get it all out before Daisy came bounding out of the office,

“CC, omg you are as beautiful as ever.  Come in to my office”.

Caroline sat across from a big picture window that looked out on downtown Las Vegas as Daisy smiled,

“So I have a job for you. One of my clients needs a new personal assistant, and I think you’re the perfect fit”.

Looking at the wall across from her, her eyes automatically finding a photo the only thing she could think was, “God please not Alexander Hansen”. And before

she finished the thought, there it was.  Daisy was assigning her to be Alexander Hansen’s new personal assistant.

Caroline dragged her wheeled backpack behind her as she hurried her way through JFK.

JFK airport still in her gold minolo blaniks, skirt and silk blouse, then she saw the handmade sign, “Miss Caroline”

She dashed to the man holding the sign, “I’m Caroline Carson”.

The man wrenched her backpack from her hand, turned and started walking toward the double glass sliding doors to the outside.

The driver looked down at her as she stepped from the town car.  Looking around Caroline thought, “What the hell am I doing”

The driver got back into the car and drove off after pointing her to the desk inside the hotel.  As she covered her eyes from the sun streaking across all the Glass, she saw him.  Alexander Hansen, tall, dark hair, standing near the bank of gleaming gold elevators wearing black jeans and a t-shirt, hair rakish as always.

Caroline took a deep breath, took her key card from the desk, grabbed her backpack and headed toward the elevator, hoping It would ring for Alex before she got there.  Nope, he was a gentleman and held the damn doors.

Alexander, bending over to pick up a book he dropped first saw the gold strappy heels and the french manicured toes.  His eyes slowly followed the tan legs up past the sutble curve of hips and settled on her face.  He was stunned to a bit of silence for a few seconds.

Her long blonde hair pulled up into a long. Ponytail.  Her silk shirt askew from making her way to the elevator.  He regained his inward composure, “Can I help you”?

Caroline slyly wiped the sweat that had collected on her hand from gripping the backpack so tightly and extended it, “I’m Caroline Carson, Daisy sent me”.

Alexander surveyed her for a spilt second and without shaking her hand gave a gruff throaty laugh, ok.

“I don’t know what Daisy was thinking but I hope you brought something more than that outfit. We’re going to Ireland for two weeks”, and as the elevator dinged their floor he almost skipped out.

Caroline stood there looking at Alex, “I think I can handle it”.  With that Alex once again reached out to hold the door open.  She handed him the backpack, instead Alex dropped it and grabbed her hand and with one hard yank had her in the hall, his back against the wall and her on him just as the doors came smashing closed, their chests smashed against each other, she could see the spark in his grey eyes.

His scent was intoxicating, a mixture of musk and sweat.  Caroline pushed herself off of him, Alex wasn’t exactly trying to push her off, her strawberry scented hair was drawing him in but it was her perfume, he smelt it before, in Paris he just couldn’t place it.

Caroline was reeling backward, almost falling, thinking, damn shoes.  She caught herself and Alex’s arms were there, keeping her off the floor.   She stood up, smoothing her blouse and skirt,

“Sorry, maybe we should just get to our rooms and I will come to yours when you are settled.  You can give me the break down of what’s going on”.

Alex was down with that, he smiled, “Ok, sure. How bout an hour.”  Caroline shook her head and wandered down the hall to find her room, Alex trailing behind her, both their bags in his hands and a devilish grin on his lips.

Caroline closed the door to her room, slid the lock into place and leaned against the door and a night dancing in Paris roared through her head.

Alex threw his bag onto the bed, removing his shirt, shoes and headed for the shower.  Under the steaming water he just could not get that scent out of his head, not the strawberry, the other one.  He had only smelled that in one other place, Paris on his birthday.

Caroline stood outside Alex”s door, taking a deep breath she knocked.  Almost immediately the door flew open, Alex standing in a fluffy robe, his hair still damp.  Caroline caught herself on the door frame trying to squeeze past him.

“One hour on the dot, I like that.  Let’s see if you can keep it up” Alex said with a gleam in his eye as he slowly let the door close behind him.

Caroline moved to stand near the window, looking out at the lights of New York City rather than have to look at Alex.  Her worst nightmare coming true. To have to face the man she had a one night stand with and he didn’t even remember her name.

The flashing lights in the club were somewhat annoying after the first hour, Caroline really wanted to leave but her friends wouldn’t let her.  They were there for a birthday party of some famous guy and they wanted to meet him.

Before she could protest she was being pulled along up a darkened staircase. It was said this was a vampire lair. Paris was full of them but this club was said to be the lair of Father Colin, the dark lord of the largest vampire clan in the world.

Alex was standing near enough to the rail he could see over but his fear of heights kept him from getting too close.  Then he caught a whiff of the most beautiful scent and spun around to come almost face to face with a tall blonde.  Names were not allowed in the club so he reached out. Rule was, if you want it, you take it and there was some heightened sexuality in that.

There was suddenly am arm snaked around her waist and a tall dark haired man claimed her lips.  All around the chants of happy birthday in French rang out, and chants of something that sounded like the crowd was goading more than kissing.

Caroline found herself almost immediately lost in the kiss.  It didn’t seem like a long one but he felt so good pressed against her and he smelled so good.  She was on vacation so she just went for it. No one could say she didn’t immerse herself in French culture.

Alex  slowly pulled his lips away, her hand in his he led her to the elevator at the back of the VIP area.  He couldn’t keep his eyes or hands off her.  The long blonde hair, the full pink, pouty lips, the likes of which he so enjoyed.  He led her to the hall of rooms in the back of the club, they were for paying VIPs only but Father Colin had given him a key.

Caroline let her hands rest on his back as he searched for the key card in his jacket pocket.  She had no idea what the hell she was doing, she was letting the feelings drive her.  It had been awhile since any man had touched her.  Her boyfriend back home was always busy and never home and she was in Paris, a one night stand with a handsome Parisian was in order.

Alex pulled her into the room, flipping on the lights and closing the door at the same time. The room was awash in light from a glistening chandelier.  The double king size bed took up almost the entire room.  Everything done in muted reds, silver and black.

Caroline beat feet to the bathroom and shut the door.  Alex took off his jacket and boots and found a lighter to light some of the candles.

Caroline leaned against the bathroom door, looking at herself in the mirror and telling herself to just enjoy the night.

Alex stripped down and hopped in bed under the top sheet, his chest rippled with muscles, waiting.

He had never done anything like this before but it was his birthday and Father Colin told him to pick his gift, and he did.

Caroline found a robe hanging on the back of the door, taking off her dress, she pulled it around her.  She pulled the door open and found the most handsome man she had seen in a long time, awash in candle light waiting for her in bed she could make out he had at least one tattoo, his eyes seemed to glisten in the candlelight, she slid in next to him.

His fingers on her skin were like electricity, With each touch she shivered under his fingers.  What Caroline didn’t know was Alex was feeling the same, it felt like little jolts under his skin as her fingers and her nails slowly trailed down his spine, her light as air kisses touching his skin.

He was trying to go slow, to savor and enjoy the night he had with her.  He was on fire with need, he wanted fast but kept fighting the urge to just make her his and with each kiss, each touch, each caress he was falling.

Caroline couldn’t believe she was doing this, this guy was on fire, she was on fire, she just wanted him to make love to her, the wanting was too much, she gently pushed him onto his back and took the lead.

Caroline straddled Alex, her hair, in loose tendrils, the French braid barely hanging on, sweeping Alex’s chest and face. The light as air feeling sending shivers through him with each movement.  He couldn’t take it any longer and made his move, he thrust his hips upward, claiming Caroline once and for all.

He rolled over on the double king bed, taking Caroline and with him, the sheets askew.  He was living in the moment, enjoying that he was making love to a beautiful woman, in a foreign country and had no clue who she was.

With each thrust. Caroline was losing, losing the battle to remember this was nothing more than a fling.  Sure this guy was handsome, built and great in bed but they didn’t know each other and rules of the club were no names, no exchange of information not even afterward. Total anonymity.

Caroline was jolted from her day dream when Alex reached across the table and touched her arm.  She jumped like she got burned.

Alex looked at her, “Sorry, are you ok”?

Caroline composed herself, “Yeah, sure, sorry, what were you saying about tomorrow’s flight”?

Alex continued about the flight to Ireland tomorrow morning but Caroline was right back to their night of love making when he leaned over her from behind, breathing on her neck, rattling on about the itinerary.

His breath was like a whisper, the smell of the sweet wine from the club still on his breath and his lips.  His lips were like soft cherries, she nibbled on them, sending tiny waves through him.

They were both becoming breathless, their thrusts becoming faster, more animalistic. The grunts and growls, his becoming deeper, more guttural, each thrust faster, claiming what was his. Alex was drawn in deeper, he felt he was about to let go, he couldn’t get close enough to her. Caroline whispered in his ear,

“I want to hear you….”

For an instant he didn’t understand then suddenly, he let out something that sounded like a low grunt.  They were covered in sweat, Caroline, smiling, hair had been pulled from its fancy French braid.

Neither one cared they were laying naked on the bed, still wrapped in each other’s arms.

Caroline was once again jolted from the day dream and caught herself openly glaring at the chest of the the man who was now her boss.

She got up from the small table, “Well, I better get to bed since the flight is so early and long, good night”.  And rushed out the door, slamming it behind her.

She leaned on the door in the hall leaving Alex in a state of confusion in his room.  Catching her breath she smiled at the man and his wife who passed her in the hall and with shaking hands tried to open the door to her room, across the hall.

Caroline rolled over to find Alex sound asleep on his stomach. He was so good looking even when he slept.  She carefully rolled out of bed and tiptoed to the bathroom.  After she put on her dress and pulled on her coat she found a scrape of paper on the small dresser near the door.  She scribbled CC and her cell phone number and stuffed it in the inside pocket of his leather jacket.

Caroline jumped with a start at the loud knocking on her hotel room door.  Alex tried not to yell, “we have a plane to catch come on”.

Caroline had been tossing and turning all night, her hair was a long tousled mess. She jumped out of bed, pulled on her jeans, boots and a t-shirt. As she went for the door, grabbing her bags, she yanked the door open and there stood Alex, in all his glory.   Fresh from a shower, hair still damp and smelling like, she thought OMG just go.

She pushed past Alex and he caught a whiff of that perfume again.  He grabbed Caroline by the arm, “What is that perfume you’re wearing”?

Caroline wrenched her arm and pulling her hair up into a pony tail, “Something I got in Paris, I’d have to find it in my bag if you want the name”.  And she quickly wandered down the hall.

Alex turned and started down the hall, whistling he stepped into the elevator, turned to face the door, stopped whistling and pulled his ray bans down to look at Caroline.


Caroline was fixing her hair and didn’t notice Alex was looking at her over his sunglasses, “yeah, I went there last year for a vacation. Had it made, it’s my personal fragrance”. And she stepped off the elevator, not footing it to the waiting SUV and left Alex standing in the elevator looking after her.

He finally got it.  She was the birthday in Paris, the one woman all the others couldn’t touch and she was his assistant.  He shook it off long enough to get into the SUV and when Caroline’s hand accidentally brushed his you would think he burnt it on a hot stove.