So, way back in the day I learned PR and media from working with up and coming rock bands in Los Angeles. Those like Guns & Roses, Van Halen, Motley Crue, Those were the days.  Trying to get people into clubs like The Whiskey was insane so we would stand on the corner or go to Guitar Center and hand out tickets just to fill the place.  It wasn’t hard once word got around and boy did they always tear down the house, they were bands record companies probably didn’t want to look at, and they partied hardy in the day.

I grew up around music, my uncle was the drummer for Robin Trower, Gypsy & Sly & the Family Stone, so I grew up hanging out with guys like Ozzy (while still with Black Sabbath), I saw KISS without their make-up, it was fun.

So I was writing my blog about Zak Bagans and came across Devin Lawrence, his movie Sympathy, Said The Shark and found, he’s got a band, so……  I gave them a listen and WOW!!! kinda floored.

The music is kinda raw, kinda fuzz, They remind me of so many of the indie garage bands I sat listening to for hours even tho I was always told to give them thirty seconds to hook me, well, Vandelay does that.

They label themselves, “Full-frontal Garage Blues armed with live-wire harmonica solos, freight-train rhythm, and searing fuzz guitar lines”. I’m not going to disagree, The music is in your face, in that laid back blues/indie rock way and honestly they could rock the house.

“Kiss Me Darkly”,  has that old fashioned radio/commercial appeal. Something you’d set to replay and listen over and over. It’s very bluesy.

“Guess That I Love Her”,  is another radio/commercial track, it’s very bluesy, almost has you picturing what the video might look like, At dusk playing to some old video on a drive in screen using the speaker as a microphone.  LOL Sorry, Yes I used to watch MTV, when it was good.

“Gotta Get Some”,  is the third (I’ve never come away with three commercial songs off an album)commercial track.  It’s fun, makes you want to get up and dance.

They are currently booking gigs in the Los Angeles area I would strongly suggest if you are into music, see these guys because even if you aren’t into Blues you’re gonna dance, have fun and come away liking new music. If this first album is any indication of the second I can’t wait.

Vandelay is :
Devin Lawrence : Lead Vocals, Harmonica, Guitar
Andy Lyon : Lead Guitar, Vocals
Jedd Scher : Bass, Vocals
Mark LaFleur : Drums

As Stated on their web page, “Vandelay burst onto the scene like a drunken thief from a bank vault. Their debut LP “Mean What You Say” is full-frontal Garage Blues armed with live-wire harmonica solos, freight-train rhythm, and searing fuzz guitar lines. Imagine if The Black Keys and The Strokes got into a street fight then formed a band with the last men standing. You can’t help but clap along (if that’s what you’re into)”.