Anyone who knows me knows I don’t say things about the dead lightly, I don’t take spirits lightly.  I’ve been to Tombstone a number of times through my life, usually I just roam around the place listening, feeling.  Letting the spirits of the dead talk to me.

One visit I had been sitting outside The Birdcage and to the casual passerby it looked like I was a crazy talking to myself.  This old guy came up to me and asked if I was ok to which I happily responded that I was fine and informed him, the town talks.

He was neither surprised or shocked by that fact.  We talked for awhile, laughed he told me some stories.  That was Leroy and he was happy to tell me.  I do not take lightly the fact that it appears that one EVP captured may have actually been the voice of Leroy.  He knew Zak and Aaron, would recognize their voices and know they would not be fearful of him trying to make contact, Leroy believed. Leroy was gunned down during a verbal altercation in 2014.

As or this episode itself, interesting.  I loved that the guys showed they actually debunk stuff because if you are a paranormal investigator you should be looking for an explaination,  it’s what you can’t explain that becomes the what the hell of your night.


I have to say The Bird Cage Theatre has always been hella active, on my visits I’ve always experienced chills, cold spots, touching, hair pulling, whispers, foot steps.  The dead still walk there, even in the middle of the street.  Stand there, you’ll feel a cold breeze, even when it’s 100 with no wind.

There were some interesting points in this episode, showing that they actually missed something interesting on review was great (they do listen to fans pointing out things).  There was captured a white mist like anomaly as Aaron was under the funeral carriage which while he was underneath he felt his shirt grabbed/tugged.

There have been reports of touching, pulling, voices, Although on the night of the investigation at one point some voices were debunked as being from a bar across the street & people signing karaoke.

The captures a The Bird Cage:

A Ball of light which changed shape and size was captured on the full spectrum camera

The music on Zak’s phone set to replay turned off on it’s own.

A Dark Shadow was seen moving across the room in one area

Patricia’s hair being pulled/moved while using Jay’s wife Ashley as lockdown bait

Zak and Aaron heard footsteps, captured the Class A EVP, had strange feelings and smells.


The captures at Big Nose Kate’s were more along the lines of feelings, temp changes and cold spots. The figure captured was debunked as just a display on the sales floor.   Aaron was left alone in the room that’s said to have been The Swamper’s were he felt uneasy, like he shouldn’t be in there and there were footsteps upstairs.

Overall it was an interesting show, it showed things being debunked, got Ashley some air time out from behind the still camera and really showed how this “new” team gets along.  Maybe there will be a third trip to Tombstone.