There are many people who will admit to the fact that they have had a past life.  Usually recalling how they were rich & famous or something.  There are many who have had genuine past life regressions and recall details about things that are effecting them in their present life.

I was one of those who was, on top of the Empathic stuff going on was having a terrible time with certain things in my present life I had to address or I was going to be in real trouble.

I for the longest time had a huge aversion to fire, wouldn’t even light a match but I so wanted to learn to cook but the gas stove was giving me panic attacks, real panic attacks and I hated, hated red haired men (not women just men) so I visited a friend in Los Angeles who did regression therapy.

I found through several sessions that I have had two past lives. Upon going through the sessions for life number one I found that my aversion to all things on fire and fire was from that I had been living in a village and that village had been invaded, everything set ablaze and women and children where taken as prizes of war.  Many had been given as gifts to the pillaging army and I ended up in the service of a red haired man.  Well, that explained that LOL  I still kind of shiver when I pass a red haired man but at least I can talk to them if need be,

The second past life is the one I’ve had the most problem with.  Mainly because it was as far as the therapist can tell it was unfinished, which usually means you died young. I will admit to loving & being highly attracted to men with dark hair and blue eyes, I’ve never dated any that weren’t, a few shaved their heads but….

I recalled being around 15 on many acres of land somewhere in Europe, never could pin it down.  My father was working land for a lord or baron, and I was taken by a man on a horse as payment for the crops being short that year.  In the regression it didn’t appear I cared, more like I was fine with it, Happy.

In this second life the man had dark hair and blue eyes, so…after that we both, together ended up in America and he owned most of the town we lived in.  It wasn’t a modern town like what were on the East Coast at the time and I recall the fancy hoop dresses, dirt roads, wood buildings, dust and it could have only been the west, somewhere.  I don’t know for sure as I’ve always been drawn to the old towns of Arizona, California and Nevada so who knows. I often go wandering in them just because.

I’ve been told by those who work with regressions that I came back because the last life was unfinished.  Well, I’m way past 15, have had my share of dark haired/blue eyed men and he’s still not shown himself LOL

No, I do not go looking (maybe that’s the problem).  Past lives are interesting and weird.  I dealt with my fear of fire, but what happened in my second life that I could not recall to figure out why this life.  That’s why it’s a weird thing, one day things will just fall into place and it’ll be like watching a movie in real time.

I know there are people who will say, bull s**t but really until you have had regression therapy then sat and listened to your own voice talking about it, you won’t understand.