Ok Ok, I got a few messages about why I hadn’t blogged about the Ghost Adventures Season 10 finale yet.  Well, I was in classes, getting a Ph,D in Criminal Psychology is time consuming to say the least.

So, I’ll start with the easy part of the twofer, the railroad tracks.  I have to say this had been debunked a few years ago by the SyFy show Fact or Faked BUT…..thank you to the guys for once again showing this as the grade in the road and debunking it once again.


Now for the actual Magnolia Hotel, Loftus Hall of Texas was a bit extreme.  I’ll cut right to the chase, IF there is anything still haunting the hotel it’s the residual energy of the little girl Emma, not “Itsy”.

Also, I would love to see any and all documentation that goes along with the claims of all this that has happened.  Some may not be able to document through a paper trail but come on.  This hotel has an Indian Raid Shelter in the basement then it would stand to reason it sits on what was once native land and we all know the negative energy that can erupt on such a location, especially with a storm brewing.

I’m gonna point out that the Paranormal Tourism industry is super hot right now but so is the disrespect of the spirits in actual haunted locations, ie Trans Allegany.

I’m not sure Zak was with it for the entire tour, he seemed to zone out once he hit the pink bathroom (to point out pink tiles in bathrooms were hot in the 50’s).

A lot of what I saw during the tour were paper signs tacked to door frames and things that looked old strew about.  I’ve heard the stories of the Magnolia, nothing has ever drawn me there, although, I might take a little trip.  As for the upstairs not being open to the public (bet that will change quick) I think it was more because it needs repairs.



I do have to say the owner’s little attitude toward Jay was a little flip when Jay was trying to talk. The look was like, not talking to you, I’m talking to Zak.

Overall, not real sure there is actually anything going on there.  The guys heard some bangs, loud noises, footsteps. Jay and Aaron took the worst of this one with Aaron getting a chair in the crotch and Jay being hit with the basement door, his hand going through it.

There were cold gusts, 666 on the EMF, a little stick figure dancing on top of the bookshelf, Zak experienced some crazy emotions and the feeling of many spirits, which again, if it was native land with the coming storm……I’m not sure about the magnetic microphone, if it could in any way be effected by storms, it looked like a stripped down Simon game.

I will point out, it being an old building and probably dusty, burning eyes could also signal allergies, dust in your eyes… just saying, things you have to keep in mind as an investigator.

As for Aaron and the chair, dude wear a cup from now on and well……..is it just me or did all four “fingers” look all the same size.  Look at your fingers, when you hold them up the middle finger is a tiny bit longer.  The imprint looked the same size.  I will play devil’s advocate and point out, yes Zak assures us he was nowhere near the chair but……camera angles don’t show where exactly they were in the hall/room.

When the guys sat together for a “séance”, using an SB11:

Female sounding voice:  “I’m on it”

Child’s Voice:  “Play”

Strange Electronic Voice: “William”  To the question who do you want to hurt, well isn’t Billy short for William?

The words:  Help, John, We Contact which inflection sounded a bit African American, and You.

Along with Aaron’s feelings of electricity and “weird”. Wrapped up Season 10

Ok, let me poke some holes because there are some questions.

#1 The preg teen from a well to do family in almost anytime really can’t hide, unless she had been sent away, she would have been known. According to the story told she was not sent away, she was at the hotel. Anyone who knows about what would have been considered a late term abortion knows there is no way in hell you will do it alone, without medication and survive.  If the teen was in fact showing she would have been at least 4-6 months along,

#2  Why in the world would they have put her body in the attic instead of the basement in Texas? It gets hot in Texas & the attic is HOT,  And there would still have been police involvement, the purveyors found a dead woman in their establishment! there would have to be some sort of record of this happening.

#3 Why if, she being from an affluent family would said family had allowed her to be buried in an unmarked grave in someone’s yard?

#4  Killing a child makes you a murderer not a serial killer. The story goes that William killed the child Emma and blinded his wife, not kill her. So, not a serial killer, just a plain old murderer.

#5 Give me something written other than a newspaper article from the time that speaks about these other things, like the Englishman who slit his throat otherwise it’s just trying to showboat a location.

#6 The photographs of something said to have been captured in a window. Who has them, show them.

#7 The “windows” of the “raid shelter” look like those that were put in old houses, my old house in California had them.  They could just be vent windows. Unless you can prove the land was native land.

#8 I said I was playing Devil’s Advocate not that Zak held the chair.  He said he was not touching it, I take his word for that but some are going to say he was holding it and no camera shows he wasn’t.