I’ve been asked to do some YouTube videos on various ways to use the ancient ways to protect, call and everyday life in the paranormal.  I thought I would write about the various ones while I search through film crews.

Protection from various entities in the paranormal world range from the mundane shooing of the spirit of someone who just past to the full out binding of an entity that can do or has done major damage.

We will start with the shooing.  The burning of sage or spraying of sage water and the chant of telling the spirit to “go to the light” or to leave usually works in these instances. When burning sage you MUST remember to reach every corner of the area you are working.

Remember:  Sage ONLY causes the spirit to back away it will NOT get rid of them unless they are newly past.

When you are finished cleansing the area take the ash from the sage and sprinkle it at your front door.  This keeps living and dead that seek to harm you from “darkening” your door.  Kind of like the VooDoo crushed brick (we’ll discuss VooDoo later).

SALTING, this is done usually along with the sage cleansing.  You must salt the ENTIRE outside perimeter of the house/area.  Usually sprinkling it along the base of the house works, it will burn grass so you may not want to put it on grass if you enjoy having green grass.  ONLY use Kosher salt, this has usually been blessed by a Jewish rabbi BUT remember, again, salting also will only cause the spirits/entity to back away and always needs to be redone after rain/winter.

You can use oils to draw crosses above doors etc….but depending on the spirit/entity you are investigating these tend to only put the client at ease not rid the house of spirits/entities.  holy water the same, I have yet to work an investigation where holy water did anything but cause the spirit to back off, it always came back.

SALT & SAGE are your two biggest volleys against spirits.  What you use them for is backing them away enough to get your footing so you can bind them.  NEVER try to bind a spirit/entity unless you have been taught by a shaman how to do so.

Once you choose to investigate someplace and you believe it may have dark spirits ALWAYS make yourself a SAFE ZONE.

This safe zone is a Salt Box,  It is a box drawn along the floor or ground.  At each corner place a large piece of black onyx (we will discuss black onyx) points facing out. When you feel the dark spirit step into the box, the dark spirit is repelled by the salt and onyx, you may also have sage burning in the center as well so be careful where you step.


Black Onyx is used to repel darkness. When used in the salt box you can actually bind the spirit to the onyx, thus containing the dark spirit inside the crystal.  There are steps one must follow after binding and certain spells that must be used so do not try it unless trained.

There are various other stones that can be used for protection, White Quartz is another good one but it must be worn to work.

When I work a home I usually have various crystals, salts, stone, a Ouija board, pendulum, tarot and clarifying waters, even pen and paper to assist figuring out what the client may be dealing with.