So, Man of the Paranormal for March is….. None other than John E.L. Tenney!!!

Before I get all sorts of flack let me explain how I choose the man (or woman) of the month.  The names of all the men & women of the paranormal are in a box, I reach in when I have a moment and pick one.

Let’s get to the meat of John E.L. Tenney.  I met John years ago at a lecture he was giving in Michigan.  A friend had heard about it, knew I was into weird and talked me into going….I was hooked.  I love John, for his open-mindedness, his willingness to listen to everyone’s point of view on anything and everything, I just wish that night I had had the nerve to go shake his hand and say Hi because the opportunity has not presented itself again.


He is the cool of the cool paranormal guys.  At 6’2″, He’s surprisingly outgoing, engaging and talkative.  To say John Tenney is an experience would be putting it mildly.  He is not your average paranormal investigator (if he’d even consider himself one).  He’s been around the block.

He died when he was eighteen and was brought back.  He has since been involved in the weird for 25 years, spoken to well over 60,000 people and been hosted at many colleges and universities to speak about the weird.  His lectures are engaging and everyone should have the experience at least once.  He has a boundless knowledge of all things paranormal and says, “Stagnation of ideas is one of the only concepts that I find truly repellent”.


He has created a podcast, “Realm of the Weird” , has written columns, books, has played in bands such as Social Distortion and has even performed stand-up in the Detroit area.

In 2011 he became a member of the cast for, Paranormal State: The New Class and in 2014 he was lunched into the realm of Paranormal celebrity with, Ghost Stalkers (airs in re-runs on Destination America and YouTube). Starring John and Chad Lindberg.

johnel8 John & Chad The crux of the show was that John and Chad each went into a supposed haunted location, ALONE.  Something no other paranormal show really ever did.  All night investigating a haunted location alone, the only saving grace a panic button strung around your neck.  John has field notes on his

They are very good reads and good insight into behind the scenes.


John has a great sense of humor about the whole fame thing. He’s actually been a paranormal celebrity before it was cool to be one.

He’s owned a toy store called Neo-Tokyo and The Oversized Café.  He has books on all sorts of anomalistic things and His Cinderwench, Sleeping Death and The Blue Beast although far from a children’s book, will settle the adult weirdness scale somewhere near 100%.  It is a fantastic take on….(I won’t give it away).

On his Weird Lectures web site you’ll find all sorts of fun things, his Christmas message was hauntingly funny, grim and possibly nightmare inducing.


The Ghost Stalker voice over out takes are a particular delight, if you don’t mind a lot of four letter words, but hey voice over work is rough.

You can catch him either on the Nick Groff Tour,johel10

Or with Amy Bruni and Adam Berry on one of their many “Strange Escapes”,

To whet your appetite you’ll be able to see John in the upcoming(2016) Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice as a Metropolis Executive, keep a keen eye, although I am still on the fence about Ben Affleck as Batman, but if Clooney could pull it off….

He does his lectures and personal appearances up until about Thanksgiving, taking the winter to hibernate in Michigan to write, spend time with family/friends. If you can make it to an appearance or host a lecture it is a highly enjoyable experience.


Check out his web site, hit him up on Twitter and or Facebook just be ready for the John E.L. Tenney experience.