I got to do an interview with the awesome Kris Williams, who after leaving Ghost Hunters (of her own accord) is flying high all over the world. Using her love of History and travel, she created, trippingaroundthetraps.com  with help from her other half, @CapnWing_n_it (I don’t think she’s ever told anyone his name).


She has gone away from Ancestry.com now having her own, Key to your Tree. keytoyourtree.com  so those interested can learn how to track their family tree.


From your time on Ghost Hunters, What was your most favorite location?


 Alcatraz. My love for the location had nothing to do with paranormal activity, it was my love of history that puts this location at the top of my list. I never imagined going there never mind wandering around in the dark through it. I think one of the eeriest parts for me was sitting in one of the cells that face the city, you could hear all the sounds from the city carrying over the water. All I could think of was being an inmate, listening to all those sounds at night realizing life was going on with out me. Would have been a pretty lonely place-especially at night.
What was your worst paranormal experience?
I can’t say I have ever had a bad experience. The unfortunate part concerning the over saturation of para shows and the over the top findings many of these shows produce, people expect to see evidence of a demon on every episode, location, etc. It can’t be further from the truth. In the 5 years I spent on the road, there was not one case I can think of where I would say anything was evil or demonic. Can I say this sort of activity doesn’t exist? No. However, if I does, I can say it is NOT common.
While on GHI what was your most favorite location? What was the worst location?
On GHI my favorite location was probably the hardest-ATM caves in Belize. That place just about killed us when it came to being full on physical to get to it, then into it and finally back out. However, it was also one of the coolest places I have ever been. The natives used to use the cave system for religious ceremonies and in some areas there were still old pottery, etc. from the time period… there was even a full female skeleton that they believe had been sacrificed for the gods.
My least favorite location was also in Belize-while the location it’s self was beautiful the actions of some team mates ruined it by carrying out an un-needed bloodletting stunt. While my full opinion of the matter wasn’t aired on the show-nothing about that “ritual” made sense nor was it needed. The unfortunate part was it dragged down the integrity of the team and the location. It was this moment that made me realize it was time to get out of paranormal TV.
From all your traveling, what has been your favorite place and what have you learned?
Of all the places I have been while on the show, American Samoa is my favorite because it brought me my other half. While on the road, although I knew I was very fortunate in many ways, I felt there was a massive hole in my life. Something was missing. What it all boils down to is it is ok to have an interest in the para, but we shouldn’t obsess over it. Life is too short to be spending it so focused on death. We’ll get there someday. Until then-enjoy living.
While on the road what is the one thing you just cannot live without?
On the road music was my sanity-I listened to The Doors and The Beatles a lot.
What was the one thing that got you interested in the paranormal?
Unlike other investigators I didn’t grow up wanting to be a paranormal investigator. It was never my goal to be on a team or to do this for a living. The main reason I got pulled in had to do with where I was in my life. Jason and Grant asked me to join the team several times but each time I passed. It just wasn’t something I was interested in doing.
Then the year before I started, we had 5 friends and family members pass away in 11 months. Having not grown up in church with some sort of faith to fall back on and having not dealt with death much since I was 4 years old-I was lost. After losing that many people, when Jay and Grant asked the final time I said, yes. At that point, I needed it on a personal level. I hoped I would find evidence of life after death, to be ok with losing so many people in such a short amount of time.