I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Dustin Pari from Ghost Hunters to which he is returning for season 10 on August 26th on SyFy.  So sit back and enjoy a fall filled with new Ghost Hunters and watch the fun ensue as KJ is back also.
How did you get into the paranormal and land on GH?
This started for me after experiencing a shadow figure when I was a child around 9 years of age.  It appeared in my bedroom doorway and was completely back lit by a hallway and kitchen light. It was just standing there and it frightened me. I lived there for many years after and never saw it again, but it made me wonder what it is, and more importantly, why it was there.
I started investigation on my own and ended up on GH many moons later as they were starting their second season.
Where did the tag “Paranormal Rockstar” come from?
It was given to me whilst doing an interview overseas when I was with GHI.  The gentleman doing the interview mentioned that I was traveling the world like a “Paranormal Rockstar” and it just kind of stuck as I am known for my rocker hair and style.
Married, Single,
Married for almost ten years now.
Why did you end up leaving GH/GHI for your journey?
I left GH to get married.  Then I left GHI as I couldn’t tolerate being away from my wife and daughter for 6-8 weeks at a stretch.  I recently returned to GH filming all of season 10 and now season 11.
After investigating all these years, do you believe that our energy remains and we can make contact with the spirits?
I acknowledge the persistence of the soul. Our energy is very great and part of something even greater.  I have been blessed to have so much interaction through my investigations and my prayer life.
Is there any location you would like to investigate that you have yet to?
I always wanted to check out the Greek Isles but have yet to.
How much input do you all have as to locations on GH?
Not much.  I can suggest places but it has to go through a long chain of command.  I prefer to just be thankful for what comes my way and do things I want to when I am able.
What has been the worst location and why?
Keeley’s Castle in Malaysia.  The place did not have anything going on at all- which does happen from time to time and that is fine.  But what made it worse was that they already had posters printed up offering tours of the haunted location as seen on GHI with my picture on it. We are blessed to be in this field on such a large stage. I am glad taht many historical places that deserve to be preserved are able to get additional funding due to these tours and the additional notoriety they receive from being featured on the shows.  But when they are already advertising it as a well known haunted location with my picture on it and I haven’t even investigated it yet… well that just doesn’t go over very well with me.
What three things do you enjoy most about filming GH?
1. The opportunity to help bring answers to the families whose homes we are invited into.
2. The opportunity to use the platform I have been given to teach others about the reality of the spirit world. Due to this and my efforts with Patch Ministry and my Christian lectures, I have been able to further share my thoughts about the kingdom of God.
3. The fans and friends I have met along the way who have shared their stories with me and have looked to be for advice and help.  I have been able to do motivational speaking to large crowds of people and I believe I have helped many people in such a personal way, that together we are changing the world.
For anyone wondering what does it mean when you tweet, “I now begin/end my broadcast day”?
It is just a little something I do on social media to mark my beginning and end to each day.  It harkens back to a time before late night infomercials when TV would actually go off the air for a time. It reminds me of being a child, and I like that.
All you paranormal guys have large female fan bases, how do you deal with the ones who may get overly touchy feely, giving you their phone/room numbers at these conventions?
Ha! These things do happen. I am thankful to have a very large amount of people, both male and female, who support me and look up to me for various reasons.  I personally am very thankful for that.  It truly means a lot as, despite my joking and occasional gratuitous selfie or two, I do not think of myself as a big deal in the least.  None of us are more or less important.  Each soul is as important as the next and should be treated with respect, kindness and love.  As for those times when an interaction becomes a bit over the mark, though flattered, I simply comment about my love for my wife and my daughter, and the situation usually resolves itself from there.
If readers could take away only one thing from your book, what would you hope it might be?
Never ever give up.   This human experience is so very important to the development of our souls, and it may be later than you think.
You can find more information on Dustin’s various web sites but he can mostly be found interacting with fans on Twitter, @dustinpari