While I consider myself a pretty skeptical person, there’s nothing I love more than immersing myself in a great horror flick. Despite scaring yourself silly for a couple of hours, it also exposes you to a world where the paranormal and unexplained might actually exist which, to be honest, is quite an exciting prospect. Take for example, The Blair Witch Project, which when it was released had the world convinced it was the found footage of an ill-fated camping trip that had a run-in with the paranormal.

Of course there are thousands of videos and testimonials out there of people claiming to have seem paranormal beings over the years. While some are obviously hoaxes – the famous Cottingley Fairies in 1917 for example, there are some which are truly spooky and would make even the biggest skeptic a believer in the paranormal.

Take a look at the following eight stories gathered from this Reddit thread which are guaranteed to make a believer of the paranormal out of the biggest non-believer:

1. Parisian catacombs claim a victim

Firstly you may be interested in know that the narrator’s unique voice in the video above is actually Zelda Rubenstein. Rubenstein played the medium Tangina Barrons in the Poltergeist films.

The catacomb video is a gruesome watch. Deep in the Parisian catacombs a video camera was recovered by explorers and it quite possibly shows a man taping his own death. The catacombs are 400 miles of underground ossuaries in Paris and contain the remains of about six million people. According to some, if you search through the Parisian catacombs you could accidentally find the gate to hell.

In the video that was found, a man is filming, and at some point begins to run and breaths heavily as though frightened, perhaps of something chasing or pursuing him. Eventually the man drops the camera and we see his feet run away. Despite the efforts of the explorers in the video above, the mystery of the catacomb videographer and what exactly spooked him remains unsolved.

2. Prison ghost in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This footage from the TV show Ghost Hunters showed a ghostly figure running up and down the corridors of Eastern State Prison in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The gothic style prison was opened in 1829 and closed in 1971, and throughout its history housed over 85,000 inmates. With over 1,200 inmate deaths, many believe the penitentiary to be haunted, and this video certainly adds proof to this theory.

3. Sleep app records much, much more

Last year Reddit user Redwantsblue80 (aka Jenny) posted an unsettling story about her sleep app. The app ‘Sleep as Android’ helped Jenny to record her sleep noises and improve her quality of sleep, but after using the app for awhile she found she had recorded some extremely unsettling audio.

Listening to the recording about 0:08, you firstly you hear some clicks that begin to get louder before hearing Jenny ask ‘what are you doing?’ to which a male voice answers ‘nothing.’ After the male voice speaks the clicks get louder before the male again says something which sounds like ‘it’s them.’

What makes this recording so spooky is that the only people at home at the time were Jenny and her three-year-old son – and the second voice on the recording is distinctly male. To add to this Jenny also has no idea what could have been making the clicking noises, which sound like they’re coming from right beside the phone.

After this recording Jenny was woken a couple more times by mysterious clicking noises, though in April this year she moved house and left the unsolved mystery of the male voice and clicking to a new tenant.

4. Dogs react to poltergeist in their home

Filmed in 2008, this home video shows some unusual activity that the videographer believes is the work of a poltergeist. While it might be easy to dismiss the activity as false or a set up, what makes this video eerie is the reaction from two dogs who are clearly spooked.

5. Zimbabwean school kids see otherwordly beings

On September 16, 1994 over 60 Zimbabwean school children between the ages of 5 and 12 reported seeing flying objects land on the school grounds. The children then reported seeing two humanoid aliens come out of the flying objects, though after noticing the children they quickly returned to the flying object and took off.

While it’s not unusual that children may make up fantastical stories about seeing UFOs and aliens, what is unusual is that the children were later interviewed by several people, including Harvard psychologist Dr. John Mack, and they all maintained their stories, and even corroborated them with pictures they had drawn. Several of the older children also believed that the creatures communicated with them, sending them messages that humans were destroying the planet and environment, and that this will have dire consequences.

6. The Beauport Phenomenon

In Beauport, Quebec back in 1989 residents of a building at 3566 Mgr Gauthier street started reported hearing loud bangs and jolts from their walls. The walls began to shake and bang more and more frequently, and were caught on camera doing so many times. Geologists and the gas company were consulted believing that a gas leak could be responsible, though a thorough investigation proved otherwise.

Many people considered the Beauport Phenomenon the work of a poltergeist and this theory draws even more support after all the original tenants of the building left, and the banging suddenly stopped.

7. Man draws the future, woman sees it

These two people seem to possess some very unusual talents. Retired university art teacher David Mandell has the ability to dream the future and then illustrate what he had seen. Sometimes the premonitions come in the form of symbols – such as hurricanes appearing as WWII British fighter planes Hawker Hurricanes. Mandell found a very interesting way of proving how his premonitions were happening before the incident, and not simply made up – photographing himself and his artwork at the bank, in front of the calendars and clocks.

The second person with a seemingly paranormal talent is Barbara Garwell who has had the ability to see the future days before it happens. Garwell has predicted events ever since she was a child, including the assassination attempt on the Pope in 1982.

Psychologists and counsellors are at a loss to explain how Mandell and Garwell can correctly and continually predict future events.

8. The Evora incident

On November 2nd, 1959 residents of the Portuguese city of Évora reported seeing many unidentified flying objects in the sky. A short while later it began raining down a mysterious white substance similar to cobwebs. The ‘angel hair,’ as it’s known, rained down for around four hours before ceasing. Samples of the angel hair was collected and studied under microscopes. Experts studying the samples found a small, unidentified, organism which had 10 ‘arms’ stretching from a central core.

To this day experts debate what exactly the angels hair was, some believing jellyfish, some thinking a micro-organism that normal resides in the upper-layer of the atmosphere. But no matter how close they come to an answer on the angels hair, there is still the unanswered question of the mystery flying objects making the Évora incident a very intriguing case.

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