So, Ghost Adventures kicked off season 11 with Edinburgh Manor and it’s half and half.  Half the viewers liked it and half the viewers thought it sucked and was over acted.

Personally, I’ve been to Edinburgh once.  I really prefer not to frequent places that are supposedly haunted yet rent it out for “Ghost Parties”(except prisons).  If you were dead and stuck in the same horrid place you died and all the living keep coming and poking you like you’re a parlor trick.  I think eventually I’d get pissed off and poke back but my stick would hurt you a lot more.

The owners of these places see dollar signs 99% of the time, they really do not care about releasing the trapped spirits.  The location is their bread and butter and getting on the hottest ghost show is par for the course.

Of course I do have to say, Ghost Adventures more than any other show has for the most part shown or told when they did not get much in the way of activity BUT that being said………..

I’m in the half and half on this one.  I had to walk away half way through and return at the end.  I still do not know why.  I kind of zoned out, I didn’t even hear most of it.  It felt like for this episode I was watching in a tunnel with a jet engine running.  It was weird.


Will I watch it again, maybe.  I tend to put it off when I have weird reactions to this show.  Someone e-mailed and asked if I thought it could be Zak’s energy putting me off.  I don’t think his energy would put me off watching but his energy while filming could possibly have something to do with it since as an empath I could pick up on things he was feeling, yes, even on film.  I have done it recently for someone’s home from 3000 miles away while looking at photos without ever being in the home.

Zak does however have some funky energy.  He usually reads as blank when filming a location.  It does not mean he is blank, for an empath reading someone as blank means they are wide open, no filter.  For an empath that can be dangerous.

Zak’s Spritual Fog

Aaron’s V-Log, Edinburgh Manor


I have seen some pretty funny stuff about Billy screaming.  From “Come on how many haunted places has this dude been in” to “He was trying to copy Chad from Ghost Stalkers”.

In his defense (and he doesn’t need my defending him) true, he has been in a lot of haunted places but think about how you might react if alone in a dark basement and something fell. I’ve been known myself to jump from time to time, the last time admittedly it was a damn spider trekking across my bare foot (yeah I know I shouldn’t go barefoot).  Spiders and I have a deal, I won’t kill you if you stay out of the house…..

As for trying to copy Chad from Ghost Stalkers.  Hmmmmm I’m not even sure Billy has ever seen that show.  If so he’s never made mention of it anywhere so.  It was funny and in hide sight it always is.

Over all, I have to say from what I’ve read it was lackluster at best.  Maybe a different location with more might have been a better choice but next week is….


Take a look at a sample of what’s to come…

Old Montana State Prison, a place haunted today by a deadly 1959 prison riot. During the lockdown, the guys witness camera batteries inexplicably explode & fizzle acid.  This one I can’t wait for, been there several times and I have always walked away feeling like I got the shit kicked out of me.  Can’t wait to see what GA captured.

Aaron’s VLog from Montana

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