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Can full-spectrum cameras reveal ghosts not visible to the naked eye? Many paranormal investigators insist the answer is yes and use full-spectrum equipment at all of their investigations. Here’s a brief guide to the full-spectrum ghost theory as well as the cameras and camcorders used to discover invisible spirits.

The Full-Spectrum Ghost Theory

Unlike standard cameras, full-spectrum cameras capture the full range of the light spectrum, including near ultraviolet (UV) light and near infrared (IR) light. According to some theories, ghosts may be visible in IR or UV light only, and full-spectrum cameras therefore increase the odds of spotting paranormal entities.

full spectrum

Left: Standard photo                                            Right: Full-spectrum photo

Full-Spectrum Cameras & Camcorders

A true full-spectrum camera captures ALL light on the spectrum: visible, infrared, and ultraviolet. If you’re interested in buying a full-spectrum camera, you can purchase one that has been modified or purchase a standard camera and modify it yourself. This is done by removing the camera’s internal infrared blocker, though such modifications can be tricky for amateurs. Professional photographers or conversion companies like LifePixel can help. Don’t want to bother with modifications? Try searching for full-spectrum cameras and camcorders on or check out the current options below.

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Evidence for Full-Spectrum Cameras?

The full-spectrum photo below comes from an Australian paranormal investigation group. Taken at an abandoned prison in Victoria, the photo reportedly shows the ghost of a departed prison guard.

prison ghost photo

And this photo allegedly shows the spirit of a little girl at Australia’s Beechworth Lunatic Asylum.

ghost picture

Zak Bagans of Ghost Adventures believes in full-spectrum cameras and uses them regularly on the show.

“There’s a lot of things within that spectrum that are hidden to us – shadows that we wouldn’t be able to see with our own eyes because it’s too dark,” Bagan told Dread Central.