Types Of Hauntings

I thought this person’s view was worth sharing.



“What is a Haunting? Most people think of a haunting as a place, or sometimes an object such as a piece of furniture, that is occupied or “possessed” by “ghosts” of “spirits.” People generally consider a place “haunted” if there has been a history of apparitional sightings, or if unexplained noises, movements of objects, or other strange physical effects repeatedly occur there. Even when people repeatedly “pick up” or sense eerie feelings or “bad vibes” from a place or an object it is often considered “haunted.” However, these experiences may or may not be actual hauntings. Most parapsychologists consider hauntings to be “recordings” of past events that are repetitiously “replayed” and “decoded” by those sensitive enough to perceive them. In other words, an event that occurs in a certain place is somehow recorded and stored in a manner not yet understood, and later circumstances “trigger” the event recording to be “replayed.” The environment acts as a sort of audio/video recorder, and like a tape player with the right buttons pressed, the event continues to be replayed at any time the playback or trigger conditions are met. In similar fashion, an object may contain and then flashback the memory or record of past events or people that have surrounded it or owned it (this ability to “read” an object’s history is called psychometry).”

I am a firm believer in the existence of the ghosts, and my mind will not be changed on the subject. After all, I know what I have seen.

I’m not alone, either. Millions of people report seeing, hearing or feeling the presence of “other-worldy spirits”. Depending on who you are talking to, these ghosts might be simple apparitions or super-evil, un-named forces from the Dark Side. Since I do NOT believe in super-evil, un-named forces from the Dark Side, I am going to stick to plain, old-fashioned ghosts.

The definition of a plain, old-fashioned ghosts is; ” the spirit of a deceased person”.

Well, if you BELIEVE you do, then read on as I try to organize and categorize the different types and levels of ghosts and hauntings.


Almost all the paranormal sites agree that there are six basic types of haunting activities

Residual–This is not technically a haunting. The people that left the ‘residue’, such as footsteps, laughter, crying, apparitions, etc. may not even be dead. Whenever they were in the particular place where they continue to haunt, they left a strong impression of themselves. Usually this was from one single event, and could have been something tragic, something happy, or something stressful. It could even be a routine that was repeated so often it left a sort of invisible groove.

Interactive–This is a ghost that doesn’t just live in its own world. It can see us, hear us, and communicate with us. This is considered an intelligent haunting.

Poltergeist–We have all seen the movie, but in truth, Poltergeist activity is not cause by ghosts at all. Or indeed, any type of supernatural creature. Poltergeist activity is cause by the human brain. Usually, this activity is linked to homes with children entering puberty.The human body is already full of energy and if you add the stress of approaching adulthood, and the hormones, the body becomes a powerhouse.In most cases, the person causing the incidents is unaware that they are in charge. They are usually the ones attacked by the “spirit” the most. The more they are pinched, pulled, harassed, and frightened, the more scared they become and the more powerful the poltergeist can become.

Demons–I won’t go into detail, as I said, because I do not believe in them, and they are not ghosts.

Shadow People–No one can really define these apparitions. They are not ghosts, but are commonly seen.

Portal Hauntings–A fascinating concept that explains some of the strange things people see. A portal is opened up between time or dimensions and we see glimpses of things from other worlds, the past, or future. Even though this sounds fun to explore, these too, are not real ghosts.

Basically there are six types of hauntings, but only two are linked to human spirits: Residuals (which are either strong psychic impressions or weaker ghosts) and Interactive hauntings. Now, lets go classify those ghosts.

Types Of Ghosts:

Level One--A level one haunting was by a very weak ghost. Examples of activity might include some sounds such as footsteps and sensations such as cold spots or faint odors. These ghosts are typically “anniversary” ghosts, meaning they are repeating an action at the same time of the day, week or year, or in a continual loop. Not to be confused with the residual haunting, which was just an impression, not an actual ghost.

Level Two–A level two ghost produced all of the above activity, perhaps a bit stronger. Might also include laughter, talking, and occasional “brushing by” feeling. These are also non-interactive ghosts, usually. They don’t communicate or respond to humans, and are mostly just creepy.

Level Three–This ghost is a bit stronger, and can open doors, and move objects, as well as the above activity. May or may not have some interaction.

Level Four–Now we get into some visual aspects. This ghost can make appearances, usually in the form of mist, plasma, or a vague shadow or shape. It appears to be more sentient, meaning it interacts with humans, and is aware of their presence. Here you might have moved objects, noises, laughter, touches,

Level Five–This ghost can and will fully manifest itself, and may be either an anniversary ghost (or other type of ghost simply stuck, and unaware it has passed on), or it may be fully interactive. This type may want to communicate may want help, may want to warn you or something, may want you out of his or her house, or may just be content to do as it pleases. There will be all the sights, sounds, and movements of the other four types, plus the bonus of actually seeing this one fully formed at times.

I never would have thought there were so many different types of ghosts and hauntings, this to me shows that the ghosts and how they haunt are what has happened to them when they were alive or even how they died.

My question to you guys is: Do you believe in the after life? Have you ever Experinaced or have seen a ghost?Do you think you live in a haunted house? Do you feel personally haunted? Or do you own a haunted object?


1 thought on “Types Of Hauntings”

  1. Very interesting :). I’m not sure if I believe in ghosts or not, but I have had a number of experiences that could be put down as hauntings. When I get round to adding those to my blog, I’ll let you know :). In the meantime, thank you for a fascinating read. Mir xx


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