Just a little short story I worked on for the weekend.

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The dark clouds rolled in faster. Every breeze feeling colder. When was a weatherman in Los Angeles ever right? Angelique knew rain was coming, and she could feel it in her bones. As she sat waiting for the guys in the quite almost abandon cemetery she sat perched atop an old headstone within a group of older headstones. Peering out she wondered how anyone would find their loved ones here the places went on for miles. She was waiting on Rugrat and the rest of the guys. They were supposed to bring beer and regale her in stories of Vampires and Ghosts. Little did they know she loved a good ghost story? The scarier it was the better.

            The guys called their midnight wandering through the cemeteries “Invasions”, and invade they did. Most of the stuff they “found” came off the dead. Stuff they could pawn later for beer and smokes. She hated the smell of cigarettes. Angelique fancied old tombs over desecrating the dead.

Rugrat, the youngest and Madmax (so named because he was for lack of a better word crazy). “Let’s show Angie the old tomb”. Rugrat hollered from the headstone he’d perched himself on. Flicking cigarette ash all over watching it blow in the breeze, and he took off laughing wickedly headed toward the far back part of the cemetery.

The place where the trees grew wild. Branches and vines often overtook even a well-worn dirt path. Angelique was of course down with that. She hopped from her perch giving chase. Half skipping half running to keep up across the expanse to the old tomb. Madmax tripped her halfway across, and she went flying to the ground. “Curiosity killed the cat”. He jumped up laughing and took off again.

The over growth made the place spooky enough. Vines, branches and limbs all weaving an intricate web. They reached the area of the cemetery that had no headstones no walkways, and no lighting. Tonight it was only lit by the light from the full moon which seemed to stare down at Angelique like it knew some secret she did not.

The whole group was loud. Surely trying to wake the dead. Stopping Angelique caught the vision as the old tomb rose up from the back of the cemetery, a menacing old thing. It must be thirty feet high. Around it a weather old wrought iron fence. It was referred to as THE old tomb. With its marble columns. Angelique shivered. It felt like they had stood there glaring at it for hours. The graveyard had gone silent. She wanted to touch it. In the showdown of an old oak tree, the leaves gracefully brushing the top of the roof. Madmax was the one to lean forward. “Go ahead touch it”. He stepped back hands on his hips, and a sly grin coming to his lips.

Mesmerized Angelique reached out. Her hands as if gently caressing the weathered marble. It felt strangely warm beneath her fingertips. As she pressed her palm to it it seemed to pulsate. She noticed as she slowly made her way around the tomb only a light layer of dust remained, and the name atop where the door might be had worn away over time. She returned to stand with the guys. Staring as if being called she noticed what looked like a door. It was one large piece of marble. No hinges. No handles. It was now illuminated only by the torch Madmax had lit and replaced in its intricate wrought iron holder.

The guys were becoming restless for something. Cramming themselves as close to Madmax and Angelique as they could. Rugrat was twitching and giggling. “You want to go inside don’t you”? Angelique looked at him blankly as if in a fog. The same fog had begun to envelope the cemetery and tomb in its chilly embrace. The torch gave off no discernible heat as she gazed upon the door. Heat seemed to be rising from her toes and racing through her body. In a horse whisper, “Sure”.

Wondering what might be inside. There are no such things as Vampires!! She began telling herself. But tonight was different. It was…..Halloween. So began her initiation. There was some guy dressed in coat tails lying in wait inside she was sure of it. May everyone have a good laugh. Madmax touched the solid piece of marble and it slowly slid open making a loud dragging sound as it did so across the marble floor breaking the silence that had befallen the group.

Angelique gave a small nervous smile trying to peer inside. It was so dark even the light from the torch couldn’t pierce it. She felt a hand on her back with a push. Some hushed giggles but not one of them followed her. They stood quietly behind the line the door had made motioning for her to go ahead. She took a step and was enveloped in darkness.

She stood stick straight trying to adjust her eyes. She had felt feather light touches like spider webs. Brushing at them she stopped. Reaching out she thought she had found some sort of table or maybe it was a coffin…….

Suddenly she felt a hand on her arm and she thought one of the guys had finally followed her in. She stood still as the hand slowly trailed up her arm. Her leather jacket slipping from her shoulders into a heap on the floor. She could feel the feather light trail of fingertips leaving a burning trail up and down her bare arm, and fingers wrapping around and grasping her forearm. From behind she could feel the other hand. The slow caress on circling her from behind. Light I need light!!!!! She was screaming in her head but not a word came out.

Cold fingers caressed her shoulders. “I’ve been waiting a long time for you Angelique”. The room began to feel as if it were swirling. As if the floor was giving way beneath her feet. She could feel his lips lightly brush her neck. Wrapping one arm around her waist, and pulling her tight against him. He pulled her long black hair over her shoulder. Every move seeming deliberate. Her breath was coming in short quite gasps. Then she felt it.

His teeth sank into her neck. Everything was moving in slow motion. She could feel her warm blood trickling down her back. There was only the sound of him feeding. She knew then this was no fun and games initiation into the group. The guys brought her as an offering. He could read her thoughts, and she his. “I chose you. They were only charged with keeping you safe until tonight”.

The room was spinning. She thought she would fall but his strong arms lifted her. He softly brushed her hair away from her face, and there was light. Where was the light coming from? Angelique was confused. She tried to focus but the gleaming white satin was so soft against her burning skin. She was jolted for a moment………..He hadn’t drained her completely.